Global Education

University of Wisconsin - River Falls

April 5, 1996

Global Education Confab April 27

UW-River Falls will host a Global Education Conference to help teachers to incorporate global issues into their classrooms.

This year's conference concentrates on globalizing K-12 curriculum and is designed to benefit K-12 teachers, administrators and staff as well as University professors who prepare future K-12 teachers. It will be held in the Hagestad Student Center International Room on April 27 from 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Highlights will include keynote speaker, Micheal Hartoonian, president of the National Council for the Social Studies. He will talk about closing the gap between economic and cultural leadership.

The event will also provide eight two-hour sessions explaining how educators can incorporate global content into the classroom and will emphasize the use of e-mail and the Internet. The sessions will also discuss tools such as project learning and the development of critical and creative thinking that incorporate global learning into the class room.

Other featured presenters are: Walter Enloe, an associate professor and senior advisor to the Center for Global Environmental Education at Hamline University; Mary Eileen Sorenson, a coordinator of the United Nations Association curriculum project on human rights, tolerance and respect; and Madeline Uraneck, an international education consultant for the Department for Public Instruction.

Sessions include:

  • "Developing Cross-Cultural Understanding through Literature," featuring Judy Freund and a panel of international educators who will discuss cultural perspectives on various themes and topics and demonstrate teaching strategies for guiding student reflection and development of a global consciousness.
  • "Maya Quest, Journey North, River of Life and Birds of Peace Projects," presented by Enloe, will explore the Hamline University's Center for Global and Environmental Education's current projects and adventure learning program.
  • "Connecting Standards and the Global Teacher" will feature speaker Urancek and a panel of educators representing multiple disciplines. They will try to answer various questions on the role of content integration in curriculum development, skills and knowledge teachers need to help students develop an understanding of global connections.
  • "Educating for Peace Project" will feature the United Nations Association of Minnesota. The organization will share materials and activities on linking art instruction with peace education, and projects that link schools with community organizations and local leadership using Declaration of Human Rights as a basis for addressing violence and conflict.
  • "Understanding Cultures through Music and Dance" will show how the arts provide students with world cultural experiences. African and Trinidadian music and dance and strategies for developing cross-curricular approaches will be explored by presenters Karla Zhe, Ila June Brown-Pratt, Deborah Timmerman and an African Drummer/Dancer.
  • "I*EARN (the International Education and Resource Network)" will provide an opportunity for participants to become familiar with the range of telecommunication projects sponsored by I*EARN. Carol Bagley and I*EARN teachers will speak on this topic.
  • "Linking Through Diversity and Creating Context" will allow participants to explore a wide range of classroom projects that help students experience and understand world cultures and global issues. This session is presented by Enloe.
  • "Sister Schools-Classrooms Connecting Across the Miles" will include Uraneck and a panel of "Sister School" teachers who will examine effective ways to connect classrooms using e-mail and fax to enhance global and cultural understanding.
  • Cost for the event is $35 for the full day and $20 for attending just the morning or the afternoon sessions. A 50 percent discount is available for UWRF students and faculty, and a 20 percent discount is offered to participants registering in a group. The pre-registration deadline is April 22. Registrations after this date will not include lunch.

    For more information, contact Professor Carol LeBreck at 715/425-3781.

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