Sports Junkies Broadcast

University of Wisconsin - River Falls

April 25, 1997

Sports Junkies Cable Broadcast Going Live

"Sports Junkies on TV," a cable TV program produced by UW River Falls students, is having a live broadcast on Monday, May 5. The program will air in River Falls, Hudson, and North Hudson on cable channel 19. On the UW-RF campus the program will be live on cable channel 10.

The hosts for the program will be broadcast journalism majors Joe Hunstock, Dan Walz, Rose Siebel and health and human performance major Al Jaeb.

The phone number for viewers to call in will be given out during the show. Viewers can also take a stab at trivia questions during the show.

"We're working on prizes for the trivia questions," says "Sports Junkies" adviser Robert Snyder. "We know lots of people already watch the taped version of the show. We get plenty of feedback from people about how much they like to watch 'Sports Junkies.' This is a chance for those viewers to be a part of the program."

"We're also making the final technical plans we need to do in order to pull off a live broadcast," Snyder added.

Leslie Bleskachek, director of UW-RF television services, says its been awhile since the University has done a live program. In fact, this is the first program she will have been associated with.

Snyder added, "We're all excited about the live show. If we make any mistakes, we can't start over. We hope to have fun with this."

For more information, call Snyder at 715/425-3169.

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