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April 14, 2000

Five Campuses Offer Summer Course in North Woods

By Jolene Bracy
UW-RF News Bureau

Pigeon Lake Field Station, set in Wisconsin's north woods, will host a wide range of art and education courses this summer.

Located in the Chequamegon National Forest on the north shore of Pigeon Lake, the field station summer session is a combined effort of five University of Wisconsin campuses. Managed by UW-River Falls, this unique setting provides an excellent academic experience as well as an opportunity for recreation.

Tuition per undergraduate credit is $109 for Wisconsin residents and $110 for Minnesota residents. Tuition per graduate credit is $195 for both Wisconsin and Minnesota residents.

Courses available in late spring are Canoe Workshop April 27-29, Herpetology, May 21-28, and Orinthology, May 21-28.

The emphasis is on art during the summer sessions running June 11-17 and June 18-24. Art Week I instruction is by faculty from UW-River Falls and UW-Parkside. All instructors are from UW-RF unless otherwise noted. Art Week I courses are all two-credit:

•Experimental Painting. David Holmes, UW-Parkside, redefines the art of painting by combining experimental techniques with exploration of the north woods for ideas.

•Advanced Clay Studio Workshop, Randy Johnston provides intermediate to advanced techniques in clay throwing and a variety of firing techniques.

•Studio Glassblowing, Jim Engebretson develops techniques to all skill levels in working with molten glass, using the natural environment as an inspiration for design.

•Black and White Photography Workshop. David Heberlein explores the environment through technical and conceptual photography as a means of personal expression.

•Drawing Inside and Out, Bernice Ficek-Swanson combines north woods scenery with a variety of mediums and unusual drawing surfaces.

•Clay, Glass and Photography. Randy Johnston, Heberlein or Engebretson, Course will meet with workshops in all mediums listed.

Art Week II offers a second session of Advanced Studio Clay Workshop, Studio Glassblowing, Black and White Photography and Clay, Glass and Photography. Additionally, these two-credit courses will be offered:

•Landscape Painting. Holmes of UW-Parkside explores traditional and conceptual ideas related to landscape painting.

•North Woods Print Studio. Doug DeVinney, UW-Parkside, Uses the north woods as a theme for creating original prints in a variety of mediums.

June 26-30 courses are health and education related, for 1-2 credits. To register for these courses, call Jeff Steffen at UW-La Crosse at 608/785-8173.

•Imagery Techniques for Health Promotion, Learning Enhancement, and Sport and Skill Development. Steffen and Jack Curtis examine the concepts and theories related to mental imagery and how these ideas apply to an individual's potential for excellence.

•Adventure Education for Physical Educators. Steffen and Curtis show how to implement adventure activities with a variety of age groups and diverse populations in physical education programs.

•Interpersonal Effectiveness Training. Offered June 25-30 by Donald Baughman, it explores personal and workplace applications of interpersonal communication, an excellent foundation for teaching interpersonal skills to others. Prospective students should register for this course through UW-Stout at 715/232-2121.

•Natural History of Illustration: The Microcosmic View, is offered from July 2-8. James McKahan of UW-RF teaches this two-credit course that requires students to assemble a drawing field kit, create an illustration notebook and collect specimens from nature to draw in the studio.

•Passion of the Minds: Personalities of the Great Psychologists. Offered July 17-22 by Mitch Sherman and George Smeaton, it examines the lives, personalities and theories of Freud, Jung, Hornney, Skinner and others.

•Limnology. Offered Aug. 3-23, Tom Clafin of UW-LaCrosse covers fundamentals of aquatic ecology with emphasis to the community ecology.

•Developmental Guidance is offered as a graduate course from July 29-Aug.1. Team leader is Dutch Van Den Heuvel. It offers instruction and lab experiences to counselors, teachers, administrators and human service providers on designing and implementing guidance programs in K-12 schools and technical colleges.

For more information, contact Michael Padgett at 715/425-3348, or write: Pigeon Lake Office, 172 Kleinpell Fine Arts Building, UW-RF, 410 S. Third, River Falls, Wis., 54022.

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