Business School

University of Wisconsin - River Falls

March 7, 1997

Business School has Web Site

Regional businesses seeking more information about courses, internships or faculty expertise for the School of Business & Economics at UW-River Falls can find it on a new World Wide Web site.

The site, which was constructed by assistant business Professor Sue Helm, can be found at:

It contains extensive information on the new School's business administration department component. Departmental links are expected soon from economics, and a site will be on-line for accounting by mid-April. Like business administration, those pages also will list courses, degree opportunities, faculty expertise, internships, faculty consulting, student organizations, and selected indexes linking to other World Wide Web informational resources.

The Web page for computer information systems can be found at the home page for the department of mathematics and computer information systems at:

Helm, who coordinates the business administration department's extensive computer laboratory and who offers business short courses about the World Wide Web, said the SBE site was constructed in response to business leaders seeking more information about the School.

Visitors to the site will find a link to extensive information about the business administration department, including course offerings, student internships, and extensive faculty biographical sketches that outline their specialty areas and potential consulting areas.

E-mail listings to faculty also are on line, which Helm says has generated continuing traffic from business people who are seeking faculty expertise, or from businesses who are seeking to place internship notices.

An extensive site description also is available for the business computer laboratory describing resources available to business executives.

Another feature, Helm said, is an on-line form that allows students to apply for internships and to provide an update to faculty advisers while students are actually engaged in an internship. If that interactive communication process works out well, Helm added, it will be expanded to provide businesses with an opportunity to place internship notices electronically through the School.

Helm also is continuously developing an index to resources on the World Wide Web that should be of interest to the business community. This includes establishing links on such varied topics as "Just In Time" inventory practices, ISO 9000 standards for the automotive industry, on-line journals in business operations, on-line journals in technology issues, and links to stocks and mutual funds information.

Those links are particularly valuable, Helm says, because they offer extensive topical information that mostly are for free. "Why buy Business Week or Fortune when you can get it on-line for free?" Helm notes.

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