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March 6, 1998

UW-River Falls to Offer Personal Finance Seminars

by Ellie Walradth
UW-RF News Bureau

UW-River Falls will offer three personal finance seminars designed to take the mystery out of financing.

The seminars will address investment planning, personal finance on the World Wide Web and investing retirement assets. Taught by Charles Corcoran, associate professor of finance in the School of Business and Economics at UW-RF, the seminars will focus on educating consumers.

"I want to help people become more informed financial consumers," Corcoran says. "Once people are equipped with the tools to be smart, informed consumers, they can windowshop financial products intelligently."

Corcoran recognizes a need for a representative of an educational institution to present unbiased information to consumers. "They are pretty much going to get an objective scoop from me--I'm not selling anything."

At each seminar Corcoran will present information about preparing for the future, provide materials for planning, investing and taking advantage of Internet sources, and allow participants to ask questions about their personal financial situations.

Corcoran wants participants to walk away from the seminars being able to make informed decisions without having to go to a broker and pay financial fees.

"I enjoy sharing these things with people. Most of us shouldn't have to pay for this information," Corcoran says. "Most people are capable of doing it themselves-they just need some framework that provides them a direction."

The seminars, dates and locations are as follows:

Personal Finance I: The ABCs of Investment Planning, April 30, 6-9 p.m., Hudson Holiday Inn Express. Corcoran will discuss the importance of diversification. He will show how to identify personal financial objectives. Participants will learn about investment options and their risk/return profiles and have the opportunity to develop a personal investment strategy that matches personal objectives with investment options. Handouts will be distributed and Internet resources will be discussed.

Personal Finance II: Personal Finance on the Web, May 21, 6-9 p.m., UW-River Falls, 320 North Hall. Corcoran will present information regarding Internet resources that are available to help with credit cards, home finance, financial planning, taxes, investing and purchasing a new car. Participants will have the opportunity to use the electronic resources in the UW-RF School of Business and Economics to investigate web sites and personalize the seminar.

Personal Finance III: Investing Retirement Assets, June 4, 6-9 p.m., Hudson Holiday Inn Express. Corcoran will discuss retirement planning. He will tell about the risk of being too safe and how to reduce risk through diversification. Those attending will learn about investment options and the tax implications. Corcoran will present model retirement portfolios and help explore individual needs. Handouts will be distributed and Internet resources discussed.

Corcoran has a bachelor's degree in finance from Georgetown University and received his master and doctorate degrees from the University of Minnesota. In addition, he is a chartered financial analyst and a member of the Twin Cities Society of Security Analysts. At UW-RF he teaches managerial finance, investments and personal finance. In 1997 Corcoran was selected as a UW System Teaching Fellow.

The cost of an individual seminar is $100 and for all three the cost is $250. Registration must be received one week prior to the seminar and spaces are limited. For more information about the seminar, contact Corcoran at 715/425-3335. To register, contact the UW-RF Continuing Education Extension at 715/425-3256.

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