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Walker Wyman's Books

March 30, 1999

"The Mississippi Valley: A Topical Guide," with Charles H. Norby (1934).

"California Emigrant Letters" (1945).

"The Wild Horse of the West" (1945).

"Nothing But Prairie and Sky" (1954)

"The Frontier in Perspective" (editor), with C. Kroeber (1957).

"The American Adventure" with M. Ridge (1964).

"The Lumberjack Frontier," with Lee Prentice (1968).

"Mythical Creatures of the North Country" (1969).

"The Legend of Charlie Glass," with John D. Hart (1970).

"Frontier Woman." (1972).

"Charles Round Low Cloud: The Voice of the Winnebago," with William Leslie Clark. (1973).

"Centennial History: The University of Wisconsin-River Falls," with James T. King. (1976).

"History of the Wisconsin State Universities, 1866-1968 (1976)

"The Frosting on the Cake: History of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls Foundation" (1977).

"Mythical Creates of the USA and Canada" (1978).

"The Distinguished Alumni of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls" (1978)

"Witching for Water, Oil, Pipes, and Precious Minerals: A Persistent Folk Belief From Frontier Days Down to the Present" (1978).

"Wisconsin Folklore" (1979).

"Wisconsin and North Country Wolf and Bear Stories" (1984).

"Stories About Domestic Animals and Other Creatures in Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest" (1986).

"Wisconsin and North Country Stories About Fish and Fishermen" (1986).

"Wisconsin and the North Country Stories About Hunters and Hunting" (1986).

"Great Legends and Stories of Mid-America" (1998)

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