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University of Wisconsin - River Falls

March 28, 1997

Two UW-RF Web Sites Rated 'Distinguished'

Two World Wide Web sites designed by students at UW-River Falls have been designated as "Distinguished" in judging for the best educational cyberspace sites in Wisconsin.

The "Kansas City Chiefs Summer Training Camp" site and a mathematics and computer science class project, "Native American Art: LOGO Style" were selected from among 92 entries from K-12 through university-level sites.

The sites were submitted to Wisconsin WebFair '97, which was coordinated by the University of Wisconsin System, and judged by an international panel of leaders in business, government and education. They reviewed the entries for demonstration that Web-based information can be integrated with traditional print materials, and the sites' success at allowing the unprecedented opportunity for students to see their work published.

In announcing the selections, UW System President Katharine Lyall noted:

"WebFair challenged participants to utilize computers and Internet resources in new and innovative ways. This objective was wonderfully accomplished by UW-River Falls in its two 'Distinguished' on-line sites."

UW-RF Web management committee Chair Tony Bredahl says the selection highlights the benefit of the World Wide Web for communication both across the campus and to visitors to UW-RF through cyberspace.

"It seems to me the benefits of the Web are being utilized in a variety of ways. It provides information to those interested in the University or its' individual entities, as well as providing the educational opportunities inherent in the technology and its applications," Bredahl said.

"Whether educating or being educated, the possibilities of World Wide Web are growing, and as it does, the faculty, staff and students of UW-River Falls are growing with it. The Chiefs page and the Native American Designs site are two very good examples of those possibilities."

The Kansas City Chiefs Summer Training Camp site was built and maintained by Brett Longdin of Sussex, Wis., a journalism major who since his graduation in December has been employed as on-line sports producer for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Longdin used such advanced treatments as Frames and JAVA scripting to allow easier access to a complex web site.

The site features extensive content information on the NFL team, including daily features, training table menus, special events and other camp information. Contributing content information to the site were journalism interns Chad Urdahl of Grove City, Minn., and Jamie Molitor of River Falls.

Longdin, who coordinated the site during an internship experience, was supervised in its constrution by Mark Kinders, UW-RF public affairs director, and its content maintenance by Jim Thies, sports information director.

Kinders noted the site has been rated by other Chiefs web site designers as one of the best cyberspace sites about the NFL franchise, drawing some 1,000 visitors daily while the team is in camp.

The site can be found at: http://www.uwrf.edu/chiefs

The Native American LOGO entry was a culminating project in the course Computer Science 360: LOGO for Teachers. Math Professor Kathryn Ernie had each of 11 students create a LOGO programming project that utilized geometry and a top-down approach to create a multicultural design.

The multicultural design was inspired by first studying Native American art both on the web and by traditional library or museum resources. Each student then focused on one type of art and created a graphic design by developing a set of procedures in the programming language LOGO.

Each of pre-service teachers learned Hyper Text Markup Language-the language of web page design-studied resources on, the web, and created a home page describing their individual projects, including information on the art form, structure and LOGO procedures developed, and the graphic itself.

The class members, their home towns and the art form style are as follows: Tonya Beyer, Pueblo Pottery, and Sherry Frisch, Ojibwa Sheath, both of River Falls; Laura DeRuiter, Woodbury, Minn., Cheyenne Trunk; Lynn Ewings, Bloomer, Ojibwa Designs; Sheri Frisque, St. Paul, Navaho Sun Graphic; Mike Gingerich, Inver Grove Heights, Minn., Cherokee Moccasin; Julia Kirlin, Roseville, Minn., Navaho Blanket; Adam Kowles, Minneapolis, Plains Nations Rawhide Shield; Anna Mika, Amery, Cherokee Clan Symbols; Erika Schwanke, Elgin, Minn., Navaho Pictorial Blanket; and Jon Zetah, Owatonna, Minn., Navaho Rug.

Said Ernie of the award, "Since these students are future teachers, it was particularly rewarding creating an educational project that could be shared on the web."

The project can be found at: http://www.uwrf.edu/mcs/home360.html

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