62 Wisconsin Scholars

University of Wisconsin - River Falls

Feb. 2, 1996

62 Top Wisconsin Scholars at UW-RF

UW-River Falls currently has 62 students enrolled as part of the Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholarship program.

That ranks UW-RF fifth within the 15-campus University of Wisconsin System in terms of the proportion of Academic Excellence Scholars in attendance, according to statistics compiled by David Woodward, UW-RF acting director of financial assistance.

According to UW-RF Foundation Executive Director Charles Brictson, the number of Academic Excellence Scholars that choose UW-RF says something positive about the University.

"I think it speaks very highly of UW-River Falls because the people that are top scholars have their choice of schools," Brictson said.

Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholarships are offered to the top students graduating from Wisconsin high schools. The scholarships can be used at any school in the state, but within the UW-System, the scholarship covers tuition and fee expenses, with the exception of a textbook rental fee.

Because the scholarship covers tuition and fees at any school within the UW System, the fact that students choose River Falls reflects positively on the University, said Alan Tuchtenhagen, UW-RF admissions director.

"I think that the number of scholars we have is a good indicator of our academic reputation statewide," Tuchtenhagen said.

Tuchtenhagen, Brictson and Woodward all believe that the location, size and variety of academic programs play important roles in attracting students to River Falls.

"This University has a lot more to offer than simply money," Woodward said. "It's the programs that we offer; it's the location; it's the size of the campus . . . . It's the faculty-staff ratio that can be offered here that students are not going to get at another school."

The Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholarship program, started by Gov. Tommy Thompson in 1991, is financed through a matching funds agreement between the state government and each university.

The matching funds for Academic Excellence Scholars at UW-RF come from the UW-RF Foundation. As Foundation director, Brictson hopes to find a sponsor to provide $1,000 dollars for each of the 62 Academic Excellence Scholars at UW-RF. Each $1,000 donation would become a scholarship named after the sponsor and would be used to support one of the University's Academic Excellence Scholars.

Following is a list by hometown of Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholarship recipients attending UW-River Falls, their majors and year in school:

Almena: Angela Pich, Business Administration, year 3.

Baldwin: Jason Nygaard, Biology, year 2.

Bay City: Kimberly Peterson, Broad Area Agriculture, year 2.

Bayfield: Fredrik T. Faye, Agriculture, year 1.

Birchwood: Jennifer Paul, Biology, year 2.

Blair: Jay Oldendorf, Animal Science, year 2.

Bloomer: Janelle Johnson, Biotechnology-Agriculture, year 1; Twyla Peterson, Conservation, year 3.

Bristol: Carolyn Obermeyer, Horticulture, year 4.

Cameron: Denise Scott, Ag Engineering Technology, year 3.

Durand: Lisa Byington, Social Sciences, year 1.

Ellsworth: Heather Hewitt, Accounting, year 2.

Elmwood: Amy Crownhart, Conservation, year 3; Maria Crownhart, Chemistry, year 4.

Emerald: Andrew Benson, Biotechnology-Agriculture, year 1.

Fond Du Lac: Tera Auchtung, Animal Science, year 4.

Grand Marsh: Rebecca Grabarski, Agricultural Education, year 3; Richard Grabarski, Animal Science, year 2.

Granton: Randal Schultz, Forestry, year 2.

Hillsboro: Matthew Fanta, Agricultural Business, year 3.

Independence: Christine Prokop, Broad Area Agriculture, year 4.

Janesville: Dawn Bales, Chemistry/Biochemistry, year 2.

Kennan: Erin Kempen, Broad Area Agriculture, year 2.

Kewaunee: Lynda Siegmund, Chemistry, year 1.

Kimberly: Gina Schumacher, Animal Science, year 2.

Lyndon Station: Amy Bollig, Animal Science, year 3.

Mason: Sarah Dauphinais, Animal Science, year 2.

Menomonie: Debra Sipple, Food Technology, year 3.

Mondovi: Nathan Norby, Animal Science, year 2.

Mukwonago: Elizabeth Whitmore, Communicative Disorders, year 3.

New Holstein: Carla Randant, Animal Science, year 2.

New London: Mary Ann Tank, Broad Field Science, year 4.

Norwalk: Matthew Davison, Animal Science, year 2; David Hubbard, Math, year 4.

Pardeeville: Amy Burmeister, Chemistry, year 3.

Plum City: Robert Gilles, Math, year 4.

Port Edwards: Caroline Kallstrom, Elementary Education, year 3.

Prairie Farm: Kelly Lablanc, Geology, year 1.

Prescott: Rebecca Rowe, Pre-Elementary Education, year 1; Benjamin Seipel, Broad Area Music, year 2.

Rice Lake: Thea Scott, Pre-Pharmacy, year 1.

Ridgeland: David Irwin, Biology, year 4.

River Falls: Holly Beebe, Sociology, year 4; Leann Belz, Social Sciences, year 1; Nora Ann Maughan, Math (Secondary Education), year 4; Laura Schweitzer, Animal Science, year 2; Andrew Zalusky, Chemistry, year 2.

Seymour: Lyle Thomas, Physics, year 4.

Sheldon: Marcie Brost, Chemistry, year 1.

Shell Lake: Keesha Hall, Elementary Education, year 3.

Siren: Carrie Fallstrom, Pre-Physical Therapy, year 2; Shawn McBroom, Biotechnology, year 3.

Somerset: Danielle Ibister, English, year 2.

Star Prairie: Kay Eichstaedt, Chemistry, year 1.

Theresa: Julie Benter, Park & Land Management, year 3.

Tomahawk: Leilani Welbes, Chemistry, year 1.

Waterford: Kathryn Winscher, Biology, year 3.

Westboro: Brad Krause, Agronomy, year 2; Randy Krause, Animal Science, year 4.

Winter: Nellie Wirsing, Biology, year 1.

Wisconsin Dells: Pauline Schmitz, Horticulture, year 2.

Woodville: Tara Ronnander, Communicative Disorders, year 2.

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