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Feb. 13, 1998

Local Man Completes Walt Disney World Internship

A University of Wisconsin-River Falls student from Somerset, Wis. recently returned from Orlando, Fla. after completing a six-month internship at Walt Disney World.

The internship at the famous 42-square-mile theme park and resort was an opportunity that Robert Swanson Jr., 28, sought out by frequently browsing the bulletin boards around the University campus. He started the internship in June 1997. His responsibilities ranged from doing a variety of custodial duties to operating 15-minute educational film attractions that play throughout the day.

Swanson announced the safety procedures and introductory information for the short films "Cranium Command," about the brain of a 12-year-old boy, and "The Making of Me," about birth and reproduction. In addition to the basic duties of the show, Swanson was expected to answer an array of questions from a diverse audience of people from all over the world; communication that Swanson stresses is not always easy.

Even though the internship was not directly related to Swanson's majors of physics and theater, and did not count for college credits, he says it was a valuable experience. "Being a college program, they make sure you get as much experience possible in a short time.

"I had spent time as a guest at Walt Disney World in the past, but it was interesting to get the back-side view of the operation," Swanson says. He would definitely go back to work at Walt Disney World, and in fact, intends to do so again this summer

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