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Dec. 19, 2003

J-Term Puts UW-River Falls Students Ahead of the Class

When the frigid January weather keeps students indoors, they can earn college credit by completing a course during the 2003-2004 winter-session. Graduates, undergraduates, and community members can benefit from classes offered during J-term, at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, from Dec. 29 to Jan. 23.

As of Dec. 19, nearly 1,100 persons have registered for classes in art, biology, business, web development, economics, literature, finance, computer assisted design, geoprocessing, health, physical education, history, public relations, mathematics, marketing, physics, political science, psychology, speech, and sociology.

UW-RF offers a variety of advantages for the public and student population during its January term. For UW-RF students, as well as other college students, the four-week session offers an opportunity to complete their program requirements in less time than during the regular academic year. Classes that are in high demand this past fall semester may be more accessible during J-term. Also students have a chance to experience other educational opportunities only offered during J-term. International study opportunities are scheduled for Egypt, Ireland, and Mexico. These travel programs are hosted by knowledgeable faculty members. All of these opportunities extend to the public, as well. Community members may enhance their knowledge and scholarship by participating in any of these programs at the UW-RF.

A host of courses are offered during J-term and may be reviewed on the web at The length of the classes depends upon the number of credits and the availability of the instructor during the winter session. The standard hours for any course vary depending on course intensity, level, and requirements. A credit hour is a unit of work equivalent to one class hour per week throughout the semester. Courses during J-term meet these standards in an accelerated format. Therefore, a larger credit course would require a greater number of hours met per week.

Tuition costs depend on the number of credits being taken. The cost for J-term may be found at the following website: for undergraduates and at for graduate students.


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