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November 1, 2002

UW-RF Offers Study Tour of Uganda
By Karyn Nelson
UW-RF News Bureau

The College of Business and Economics at UW-River Falls is offering an international study tour in Uganda, Africa, July 12 to 28 with the theme, "Africa and Globalization in the Age of Information Technology." Students will have the opportunity to earn three credits, and members of the community are invited to participate as tourists.

The program will introduce students to a new culture, with a different business environment and political and administrative structures. It will focus on global issues that include information technology, trade and investment, education, agriculture and food security, health care, and gender and environmental issues.

Uganda, located in eastern Africa, is a democratic nation slightly smaller than the state of Oregon with a population of 24 million. Though landlocked, one-third of the tropical country is covered in water; rivers and lakes dominate the landscape, including the source of the River Nile and Lake Victoria.

Agriculture is the backbone of Uganda, and parts of the country have changed very little in the past 100 years. An international leader in religious tolerance, Uganda has made significant progress toward peace and stability in the last 50 years. The country is famous for its national parks and wildlife, which includes mountain gorillas and chimpanzees.

Uganda Martyrs University will host the participants during their stay. Established in 1993, the University has 440 full-time students and 560 part-time students, and a diverse curriculum.

"This is really a great opportunity for our students to tour a part of the world that has not been addressed by the existing study abroad programs and tours here at UW-RF," said economics Professor Pascal Ngoboka. "This study tour will provide our students a unique opportunity to increase their knowledge, awareness and experience of global issues, focusing on an African country."

The total estimated cost of the tour is $3,150. The cost includes round-trip airfare, meeting and assistance upon arrival, single-room lodging, all meals, all local transportation, and entrance fees for parks and attractions.

For information and registration, contact Professor Ngoboka at 715/425-3335 or email pascal.t.ngoboka@uwrf.edu. Information is also available on the Internet at www.uwrf.edu/ugandatour.

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