Ceramic Art Exhibit

University of Wisconsin - River Falls

Oct. 25, 1996

Ceramic Art Exhibit Nov. 4-26

A ceramic exhibition featuring the work of five nationally known ceramic artists will be held at UW-River Falls from Nov. 4-26.

"Images and Pots" will be on display in Gallery 101 of the Kleinpell Fine Arts Building. An opening reception is set for 3 p.m. on Nov. 4.

The works of artists Martye Allen, Maren Kloppmann, Suze Lindsay, Jan McKeachie-Johnston and Jane Shellenbarger varies widely in form, surface treatment and temperament, but they all stem from a functional origin. Allen is a professional artist from Lake Nebagemon, Wis. Her work combines rich ceramic surfaces on porcelain with the influences and techniques of printmaking. Her images are influenced by American Indian rock paintings from the Lake Superior area, the Southwest, and childrens' art.

Kloppman came to the Unites States from Germany several years ago. Her study of ceramics has taken her from Iowa City to the Penland School of Craft in North Carolina to the Kansas City Institute of Art. She now resides in Stillwater, Minn., and recently completed her master of fine arts at the University of Minnesota. Her recent work is primarily hand built, organic in nature with minimal surface decoration. Her large pieces have a commanding presence.

Lindsay received her MFA from Louisiana State University. After working at Penland she purchased a home and studio in Penland, N.C., where she continues her work as a ceramic artist. Her work is often figurative in nature, taking some influence from ceramics of the Minoan culture of Crete.

McKeachie-Johnson has lived and maintained a studio east of River Falls for 18 years. Her exhibition works are mainly woodfired in a large Noborigama kiln. Her work is influenced by medieval English slipware, the Minoan ceramics of Crete, and the work of Japanese artist Shoji Hamada. She has studied at the University of Minnesota, and the University of Southern Illinois at Edwardsville.

Shellenbarger worked and resided at Penland and continued her studies at the Kansas City Institute of Art. After receiving her MFA from Southern Illinois, she moved to Helena, Mont., to continue her work at the Archie Bray Foundation. She combines elements of throwing, hand-building and drawing in her forms to create lively, entertaining vessels.

For more information, contact the art department at 715/425-3266.

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