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October 22, 1999

24 UW-RF Students Study in Europe

The desire to try something they have never experienced before and to learn about different cultures led 24 University of Wisconsin-River Falls students to participate in the University's Semester Abroad Program this fall.

The Semester Abroad Program lets students conduct independent research or work on an internship in the European country of their choice.

Student projects or internships covered a wide variety of topics and are being conducted in countries throughout Europe.

The students began their experience traveling together to Paris, where they stayed for a week to become familiar with some to the cultural differences, foreign currency, and the public transportation system of trains, subways and buses. After Paris, the students traveled to the sites of their research projects or internships.

Each student on Semester Abroad is visited by a UW-River Falls faculty member, who directs the program and assists students with their projects or internships. The entire group will meet in Barcelona, Spain, for a mid-semester meeting on Nov. 5.

Students participating in the Semester Abroad Program are required to complete a faculty-approved project of their choice or an internship. Students who select the project option submit a 60-80 page paper on what they learned and accomplished.

The Semester Abroad Program, which began in 1963, is designed to have the student use the spring semest

er developing a project or internship, undertaking an orientation, followed by spending the fall semester studying in Europe. Wisconsin students participating include, by hometown, major, country of study and project or internship:

Appleton: Kate Phernetton, English, Ireland, studying Irish writers.

Edgar: Kelly Soczka, history, Poland, studying Roman Catholicism's place in Polish society.

Green Bay: Jake Kujava, art, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, studying a selected artist in each country.

Pepin : Casey Gannett, English, Denmark, studying contemporary Danish pottery and poetry.

Rhinelander: Amy Gritzmacher, French education major, France, studying the French educational system.

River Falls: Holly Donath, chemistry, France, studying individual-artist museums; Ben Gavin, art, France and Italy, studying sculpture techniques and styles.

Seymour: Matthew Swett, French education major, France, studying pre-Roman monuments in France.

Students participating from other states include, by hometown, major, country of study and project or internship:

Annandale, Minn.: Lynda Porter, marketing communications major, Spain, studying Spanish health education and wellness marketing.

Coon Valley, Minn: Anne Driscoll, art, Italy, studying funerary paintings and art.

Duluth, Minn.: Kimberly Hill, chemistry, France, internship in Bordeaux working in chemical research.

Eden Prairie, Minn.: Lesley Wilson, marketing communications, Germany, studying advertising and marketing in Germany.

Falcon Heights, Minn.: John Raasch, art, France and England, studying color theory and multiculturalism.

Faribault, Minn.: Molly Gillen, elementary education, Germany, studying the various regions of Germany and their diverse traditions and customs.

Fridley, Minn.: Sarah Doyle, journalism, England, studying ethics in the newsroom.

Lakeland, Minn.: Stacy Sanders, communicative disorders, England, studying the education of deaf culture.

Maple Grove, Minn: Jennifer Ruether, biotechnology, Italy, internship in Florence working at the American Consulate.

Mound, Minn.: Sarah Schumacher, French and political science major, France, Strasbourg studying the European Parliament.

Plymouth, Minn.: Adam Rortvedt, broad area agriculture, Netherlands, studying the environmental management practices used in Dutch dairies and their applicability of these practices in Wisconsin.

Rochester, Minn.: Amy Pinter, computer science, Germany, studying the historical aspects of selected breweries.

South St. Paul, Minn.: Matt Wagner, computer science, Scandinavia and Germany, studying European computer hackers; Jill Van Sickle, art, Netherlands, studying the Dutch horticultural industry.

Stockton, Calif: Bryan Mulrooney, Spanish and English major, Spain, studying the culture of Flamenco

Sioux Falls, S.D.: Jill Selle, French, southern France, studying Basque culture.

For more information, contact Katrina Larsen at 715/425-3276, or, or Professor Sandra Soares at 715/425-3896 or 3121, or

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