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October 1, 1999

UW-River Falls Sets Enrollment Record; Area Students Attending UW-RF

UW-River Falls opened its 125th school year Sept. 2 with a record enrollment.

A total of 5,674 students are enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs. That's 51 more students than last year's previous record enrollment.

This year's freshman class of 1,108 students is again one of the brightest in the institution's history, noted Admissions Director Alan Tuchtenhagen.

Incoming freshman have an average ACT test score that is higher than the state and national averages, near 23 points, and 17.6 percent are ranked in the top 10 percent of their high school classses.

"We are continuing our trend of one of the best freshman class profiles in the UW-System," Tuchtenhagen said.

Three factors play a significant part in students choosing to enroll at UW-RF, according to Tuchtenhagen. These include the location of the campus within the Twin Cities metropolitan area of Minneapolis-St. Paul, the 19-1 faculty-to-student ratio and the variety of strong academic programs.

With an increasing demand for admission to the University, it means high school students need to apply early, Tuchtenhagen said.

"UW-River Falls continues to be one of the most popular universities in the Upper Midwest," Tuchtenhagen said.

The breakout of the student population this fall includes: freshmen, 1,108; continuing freshmen, 421; sophomores, 1,219 ; juniors, 1,069; seniors, 1,384; graduate students, 327 ; special students (enrolled for at least one class), 146.

The following students from your area are attending UW-RF this fall:

Beldenville, WI 54003:

Anderson, Ann C, N6598 Cty N
Ducklow, Cory M, N6774 490th Street
Ducklow, Matt J, N6774 490th St
Falde, Nathan L, W5831 County Road J
Follansbee, Renae M, W6215 Cty Rd N
Gavin, Jesse A, N6768 - 720th Street
Heiman, Carla Anne C, W6966 Cty Rd. N
Jones, Jeremy D, N6189 - 740th Street
Kidd, Lauren E, N6579 County Rd J
Knutson, Amy M, N7569 610th
Knutson, Thomas A, N7569 - 610th Street
Kopchinski, Anne R, W7813 County Rd W
Kusilek, Maria A, W7755 County Road W
Matzke, Beth S, W4549 690th Ave
Merta, Cris E, W8375 650th Ave
Merta, Serena M, W8375 650th Ave
Moe, Daniel J, P O Box 44
Mullenax, Lidia, N7003 710th St
Nelson, Kira M, W7602 County Road J
Wesselink, Cordell R, W7099 - 770th Ave

East Ellsworth, WI 54010:

Walz, Brian W, 430 E Main St Box 28

Ellsworth, WI 54011:

Agrey, Marshall D, 652 W Main
Albarado, Dianne M, N4664 840th St
Allyn, Shanna C, W6780 580th Ave
Anderson, Timothy T, 260 N Terrace
Beach Smith, Jessica R, W7416 570th Ave
Benedict, Brenda M, 240 No Bourbon Circle
Buri, Jennings D, W 6518 U S Highway 10
Dickson, Michele K, W6529 - 570th Avenue
Dodge, Nathan W, W8436 - 480th Avenue
Dopkins, Kathryn A, W9133 640th Ave
Engeset, Alison J, 212 East Main Street Box 528
Fagerland, Ruth A, 318 Warner St.
Fahrendorff, Jeffrey D, 558 North Maple Street
Falkofske, Edwin M, W5937 450th Ave.
Falkofske, Nicholas F, 619 South Piety Street
Fischer, Michael D, N4490 - 410th Street
Gilles, Trent A, 633 Railroad Avenue
Greske, Gina S, 466 W Kinne St
Greske, Kari J, 466 W Kinne P O Box 827
Halverson, Melissa M, N3529 County Rd C
Hanson, Amanda B, W6956 410th Ave
Hanson, Scott A, W8437 County Road K K
Hauth, David D, W9841 570th Ave
Hines, Melanie A, 471 W Church, P O Box 812
Hines, Rebecca J, 835 Crosstown Rd
Huppert, Susan M, W4374 State Road 72
Huppert, Tina M, PO Box 68
Jakes, Amber J, N5592 590th St
Jensen, Dustin L, W8024 County Road K
Johnson, Jessica J, 504 West Annette Street
Johnson, Keith A, W7215 County Road V
Jurgensen, Paul L, PO Box 550
Klecker, Courtney J, W4498 455th Avenue
Knutson, Joshua A, 265 Hollywood Street
Lansing, Corey M, N4157 Us Hwy 63
Larson, Aaron M, N4309 - 710th Street
Larson, Monty E, 159 North Maple
Magnan, Anne M, W 9276 - 640th Avenue
Magnan, Teresa A, W9276 640th Ave
Maier, Peggy N, N6112 - 950th Street
Merta, Valerie A, N6298 910th St
Minder, Charysse A, P.O. Box 235 339 N. Beulah
Mory, Cristina M, N5475 - 530th Street
Nelson, Tracy M, 404 High Point Dr #12
Nitz, Emily M, N5138 870th St
Nugent, Sally A, 440 N Grant St
Nyeggen, Eva M, P O Box 335
O'Connell, Timothy J, 428 Railroad Ave
Pechacek, Dawn J, N4588 County Road O
Pechacek, Drew T, W 6516 - 431st Avenue
Polhamus, Jill M, W 3827 County Road G
Sallander, William P, PO Box 336
Schmidt, Christopher L, PO Box 552
Sears, Chad G, N3020 County Road C
Sherry, Melinda E, 312 S Maple St
Stoesz, Lesley R, 186 Thoner Ct Box 531
Thoner, Katie M, N4766 790th St
Traynor, Kelli J, N4700 - 710th Street
Voelker, Melissa C, 1211 Debra Street
Westfield, Joel G, W 6686 - 340th Avenue
Whipple, Brian R, N5055 750th Street
Whipple, Mark A, N5055 750th Street
Woitalla, Lori A, 1326 Debra St.
Yanish, Brian J, 974 Southgate Dr
Zeien, Shanelle J, W8340 - 480th Avenue

Elmwood, WI 54740:

Asher, Catherine M, E901 State Road 72
Bernhardt, Keith H, 330 Scott Street
Bernhardt, Renee L, 330 Scott Street
Churchill, Ruth A, W1581 560th Ave
Crownhart, Rachel A, W1718 County G
Feiler, Breeze E, 224 Public St
Gilles, Emily M, W3266 570th Avenue
Kannel, Wendy J, N6064 290th St
Kuhnly, Laura R, N5389 County Rd CC
Miller, Kami N, W 1465 - 610th Avenue
Schmitt, Michelle M, Box 265
Shafer, Melissa J, W2614 County Rd G
Statz, Jason M, N6148 170th St
Weber, Matthew J, E 2254 - 130th Avenue
Weinzirl, Ted M, N971 County Road D
Wirth, Carol A, W2267 - 410 Avenue

Hudson, WI 5401:

Thompson, Marcy A, 119 Third St
Thompson, Marcy A, 119 Third St
Prescott, WI 54021:
Baker, Nicholas L, 615 College Street
Bignell, Lisa A, 887 Jefferson Street
Bjurquist, Mary B, W12512 695th Avenue
Block, Katherine C, 290 Wacota St Apt. #1
Bradley, Heather M, N6366 1307th St
Budworth, Thomas E, 390 Locust Street
Butler, Abbey E, N5325 1240th St
Claflin Oglesby, Krista L, 204 N Dakota St
Clawson, Meredith J, 563 Locust St
Collins, Matthew D, 511 Court Street N
Dodge, Eric R, 351 Walter
Doege, Christopher I, 156 Campbell St S
Duerkop, Alicia M, 1266 Ash Street
Fiedler, Kristin M, N6568 County Rd Q Q
Girnau, John A, 1071 Cedar Lane
Glamm, Lisa M, 451 Court St S
Goehring, Amy M, 174 North Monroe Street
Haasis, Sue M, N 5646 - 1220th Street
Hanson, Shari N, 328 N Locust St
Harmon, Nick P, 191 Dexter Street
Heineman, Daniel T, N7549 County Rd Q Q
Hendrickson, Nathan R, 1010 Pearl St
Hendrix, Lorelle F, W10894 State Rd 10
Hince, Jessica L, 110 Court Street
Hovel, Sara C, 180 Dexter Street
Huppert, Ryan W, 1163 Walnut Street
Johnson, Paul M, 174 Tower Hts Ct
Johnson, Re Anna L, N5158 - 1180th Street
Johnson, Steven L, 704 Cherry Street
Jones-Witthuhn, Bonnie L, 157 Borner Street
Kinders, Christian L, N7535 County QQ
Kroeze, Amy, Hwy 35 W12539
Lahn, Jason C, 504 Canton Street
Langer Jr, Kenneth D, N 4379 State Road 35
Laust, Jeremiah D, 805 Orange St
Marek, Matthew W, 1225 Ash Street
Martin, Lucas A, 1086 Monroe South
Meier, April L, 1051 Monroe St
Mercord, Marylee C, 285 South Locust Street
Nordwall, Heidi M, N5887 Cty Rd QQ
O'Malley-Tietz, Rebecca A, W12098 - 508th Avenue
Oberlander, Steve P, W10475 521st Ave.
Pedersen, Stephanie M, 1077 Cedar Ln
Peterson, Nathan L, 178 Tower Heights Road
Ptacek, Anthony J, W10803 - 620th Ave.
Ptacek, Pat M, 504 Hope Street
Schommer, Dustin J, 112 Borner Street
Schommer, Megan S, 112 Borner Street
Seipel, Ben E, 149 Tower Road
Shaw, Kari J, P O Box 457
Smetana, Janine A, W12391-570th Ave
Smith, James E, 1000 Canton St #81
Smith, Matthew C, 819 St Croix Street
Soberg, Nathan M, 912 Washington St
Stark, Amanda R, 110 Vine Street North
Stewart, Jessica R, N5096 1208th St
Thoen, Melanie T, 304 Court Street
Voth, Truda V, 760 Jefferson St.
Watterson, Barry D, 965 Flora Square
Baldwin, WI 54022:
Van Someren, Scott W, 2092 90th Ave

Hudson, WI 54022:

Montgomery, Joy E, 458 Green Mill Lane

River Falls, WI 54022:

Mirsberger, Shanthi M, 1495 River Side Dr Apt 202

River Fall, WI 54022:

Futsuhara, Machiko, 324 Prucha Hall
Noguchi, Seika, 327 Prucha Hall

River Falls WI, WI 54022:

Gabriel, Jodele M, 1040 Collins Court

River Falls, WI 54022:

Abuhijleh, Mohammed Q, 238 Plainview Drive
Adam, Laura A, 715 S Main St
Akulova, Tania Y, N8423 - 1251st Street
Albertson, Jerry W, 1039 W. Maple St
Albertson, Jessie A, 1039 West Maple Street
Albertson, Sherri L, 1105 West Maple
Aldous, Billie J, 220 N Freemont
Allen, Christopher C, 234 South 3rd Street Apt#3
Allen, Gabrielle R, 511 N Freemont
Althoff, James G, 321 N. Lewis St.
Anderson, Callie J, 318 North 8th Street
Anderson, Dana J, 302 1/2 N. 7th St.
Anderson, Kim J, N8016 State Road 65
Ashbach, James C, 235 Foster St #w4
Baba, Kimie, 327 Prucha Hall
Bahr, Samantha K, 115 Emory Drive
Bains, Cyrus S, 450 W Johnson St Apt 1
Banaszynski, Todd R, 317 Nicole Ln Apt 1
Barber, Cameron G, 618 N Clark St Apt 2
Barbey, Joseph M, 241 W. Johnson Apt. C
Baregi, Kristen A, 143 E Cascade Ave
Bauer, Kari A, 1119 S State St Apt. 262
Bauer, Matthew N, 1041 State Street Apt #50
Bauer, Tressa J, 1410 State Street Apt #50
Baxter, Kimberly B, 208 1/2 S 5th St
Been, Nicolas A, 123 W. Vine Street
Berning, Paul W, 389 N Liberty Rd
Berry, Scott O, 1485 Wildcat Ct #104
Biggs, Lynn M, 1197 Rifle Range Road
Blasius, Christine A, 613 Lake Street
Bloom, Shauna M, 1011 S. State St. Apt 11
Boeder, Sheri L, 238 W. Johnson St.
Boettge, Philip D, 209 Hamilton Drive
Boles, Tyler J, N8641 1020th Street
Boock, Alyssa A, N8177 975th St
Bossard, Jessica L, 132 W.Johnson Street Apt.3
Braaten, Anna M, 117 Church St Apt 101
Braaten, Ryan S, 117 Church St #101
Brager, Pamela S, N6559 County Road O
Brecke, Rory E, 1017 East Cascade Avenue
Bridgeman, Marcus W, 1428 Emory Circle
Brown, Stephanie L, 221 S Washington St
Bruesewitz, Kevin E, 202 N Winter St
Bunde, Angela L, 721 1/2 South Main Street
Burke, William R, 1078 N Main St #2
Byram, Chantelle M, 149 East Quarry Road
Cain, Annilee G, 1345 South Sixth St
Caliguire, Christina E, 1485 Wildcat Ct Apt 204
Callier, Rustin C, 409 Clark St Apt 3
Cassellius, John F, 816 S Sycamore Street
Chalifoux, Jean E, 306 W Johnson St Apt 4
Chaplinski, Bretta L, 1078 N Main #2
Christensen, Carrie L, 325 N River Rd
Christensen, Daniel L, 211W. Johnson #1
Christenson, Michael J, 690 Glover Road
Ciochetto, Todd A, 121 W. Vine St.
Clinton, Moria S, 109 N Dallas
Clothier, Christina M, 216 W Johnson St
Collins, Rachel A, 1518 S Wasson Lane Apt 8
Cook, Douglas A, 32 S Glendale Dr
Cronk, Jeffrey D, 115 W Vine
Dahlby, Tamara J, 1536 S Wasson La #6
Dana, Clint D, 1077 E Cascade Ave Apt 5
Day, Rachel L, 1485 Wildcat Ct #202
De Groot, Scott A, 315 W Johnson St. Apt. 2
Decker, Jennifer M, 126 1/2 S. Main St. #a
Delgado, Edwin A, 205 West Cedar Street
Demulling, Corey M, 235 West Johnson Street #2
Deppa, Shannon K, PO Box 265
Dintemann, David E, W11003 County Road M
Doan, Mychau T, 900 Leroy Lane
Doan, Phuoc, 900 Leroy Ln
Dodson, Catherine A, 103 1/2 East Maple St Apt B
Donath, Holly D, 325 Townsvalley Road
Doverspike, Jeremy J, 75 County Road F
Doyle, James E, 1372 Oak Drive
Driessen, Lisa N, 1029 S. State St. Apt. 25
Ducklow, Brent C, 517 E Johnson St
Dumond, Carri A, 415 S Wasson Ln Apt 107
Duncan, Timothy M, 1001 W. Maple St.
Dusek, Amy C, 248 Ilwaco Road
Eaton, Jessica L, 315 West Johnson Apt #6
Eberhardt, Beth I, 1011 State St Apt 20
Eberhardt, Paul D, 1011 State St Apt 20
Ebert Jr., Robert A, 618 Clark St Apt 3
Eilts, Jennifer M, 143 East Pomeroy Street Apt. B
Elliott, Monica A, W8504 760th Avenue
Engel, Michelle E, W10891 690th Ave
Enke, Heather A, 1073 E. Cascade #6
Erkkila, Teresa C, 126 So 4th St #101
Erwin, Amelia S, N8222 950th St
Evans, Lauren M, 122 W Park St
Evans, Maria C, 1352 Orange Street
Everson, David L, PO Box 626
Ewert, Sarah J, 1073 E. Cascade Ave. #2
Fagerland, Ryan A, 1743 Golfview Drive
Fagerlin, Carol L, 805 S Wasson Ln Apt 201
Falkofske, Aaron A, 1495 River Side Dr Apt #106
Finke, Bridget M, 618 Clark St Apt 2
Flanscha, Mackenzie J, 432 N 3rd St
Fochs, Benjamin L, 126 S Third Street
Forster, Nathaniel J, 542 Hamilton Ct
Foster, Laura K, 932 Sunset Ln
Fowler, Scott F, 1223 Foster St
Fowler, Tracie K, PO Box 682
Fredenberg, Stephanie D, 542 E. Division St.
Freeman, Kenneth P, 968 Falcon Dr
Frick, Jessica J, 950 S Street Apt 14B
Frisle, Tonya L, 1546 S. Wassan Lane
Fuller, Jared W, 293 N River Road
Gangi, Thomas A, 326 1/2 N. 3rd St
Gary, Christine L, 1495 Riverside Dr Apt 212
Gavin, Benjamin E, 326 N Seventh Street
Gaylord, Lauri J, 1369 E Division St
Gaynor, Emily J, W9854 795th Ave
Gehrman, Amanda L, 1009 Roosevelt Street
Gilbert, Cheryl L, 407 S. Wasson Lane Apt 206
Gilbertson, Travis S, 552 Birchcrest Drive
Gilde, Christopher M, W8396 State Road 2
Gilde, Derek J, W8396 State Hwy. 29
Gilde, Stephanie A, W8396 State Highway 29
Gillert, James E, PO Box 633
Golden, Mary E, 835 Oak Knoll Avenue
Grant, Michael B, 317 1/2 E Spring St
Gray, Kevin J, 1453 Emory Circle #3
Green, Holly M, 121 W. Charlotte St.
Greenman, Adam C, P.O. Box 63
Griffey, Brook J, 1358 Oak Drive
Griffin, Lucas T, 701 S. Main St.
Grimley, Diane E, 119 North 9th Street
Grohn, Elizabeth A, 1119 S State St Apt 160
Gundlach, Rebecca L, P.O. Box 255
Gutknecht, Kathryn A, 218 W Charlotte St #308
Gutowski, Jesse J, 1204 Bartosh Ln Apt 14
Hachey, Sarah J, 315 West Johnson #4
Hamilton, Adam W, 1450 S. Wasson Ln. #39
Hammer, Kristine P, 403 Wasson Ct Apt 5
Hankee, Kristin J, 426 E Spring St
Hanson, Eric N, 235 W Johnson St Apt 4
Harden, Darin J, PO Box 774
Harmer, Heather J, 103 S. 6th Street
Hartung, Katherine J, 823 Pine Ridge Terrace
Harwell, Cindy L, 182 Delander Dr
Haugen, Marnie L, 307 W Cedar Street
Haworth, Aliesha M, 1431 Wildcat Ct #306
Hedstrom, Becki J, 107 S 3rd St #3
Heiberg, Cade A, 1431 Wildcat Ct Apt 306
Heinze, Jeffrey L, 157 State Rd 35 #20
Helgeson, Laura A, 405 S Wasson Ln Apt 201
Henning, Margaret M, W 11833 - 769th Avenue
Herdine, Christopher A, 1485 Wildcat Ct Apt 101
Hermel, Dawn M, 515.E. Cascade, Apt. 12
Herum, Krista L, 806 Oak Knoll Avenue
Hewitt, Kurt A, 1450 S. Wasson Ln. Lot 101
Hildebrandt, Sarah M, 538 North Pearl Street
Holder, Amanda S, 117 Church St Apt 303
Holmberg, Darcey K, 1518 So Wasson Lane #5
Holter, Cheryl L, 421 East Pine
Horvath, Daniel S, 1041 State St Apt 46
Howie, Matthew B, 416 E Maple St
Huebel, Tara J, 405 S Wasson Lane #202
Huntley, Teren D, 108 S. 5th St.
Huppert, Stephanie J, N6032 1040th St
Hystead, Jennifer A, 210 West Hamilton Drive
Iwanaga, Tomomi, 349 Hathorn Hall
Jackelen, Roxane L, 955 Lucille Ct.
Jarvis, Nicole L, 320 1/2 E Elm St
Jenkins, Nick E, 1365 S Sycamore St
Jennings, Clifford M, 412 Relander Drive
Jodoi, Sachiyo, 304 Prucha Falls Uw-Rf
Johnson Grones, Mary B, 635 Hazel Street
Johnson, Andrew M, N8238 965th St
Johnson, Edmund T, 1001 West Maple St.
Johnson, Jessica A, W11816 - 769th Avenue
Johnson, Katrina B, N7743 - 920th Street
Johnson, Molly S, 949 Leroy Lane
Johnson, Stephanie M, 551 River Hills Dr
Johnston, Erin M, PO Box 367
Joy, Tiffany A, 642 Hazel St
Kabashima, Shigeto, 517 Wasson Ct Apt 48
Kapping, Sue O, 587 River Ridge Rd
Karras, Justin P, 1485 River Ridge Rd
Karst, Juli J, 340 W. Johnson #2
Kastern, Sarah R, 919 Sycamore St Apt 2
Kawano, Fusako, 318 Prucha Hall
Kelly, Kari J, 1485 Wildcat Ct #209
Kennedy, Christopher D, 551 Spruce St #215
Ketchum, Amanda J, 515 E. Cascade Apt. 2
King, Natalie M, N7406 810th St
Kipper, Pamela A, 212 Broadway Street #2
Kleinbrook, Matthew J, 1473 Riverside Dr.#210
Kleven, Kady A, 669 Meadowbrook Ln
Knapton, Jacob R, 405 S. Wasson Ln #104
Knapton, Karen M, 405 S. Wasson Ln. # 104
Knolmayer III, Edmund J, N8831 1031st Street
Knolmayer, Jeffrey B, N8831 1031st
Koerper, Brent A, 1011 S State Street #10
Kolb, Melissa J, 360 High Ridge Rd
Koranda, Carrie A, 117 Church St Apt 106
Koshere, Kathryn L, 132 W Johnson St Apt 17
Kramer, Jessica, 220 W Cedar St
Kroutil, Jude A, 228 N 8th St
Kruit, Janna L, 515 East Cascade Ave. Apt#12
Kujava, Jake A, 315 W Johnson #2
Kusilek, Scott D, W10607 State Hwy 29
La Fountaine, Alison M, 132 West Johnson Apt 1
Lambrecht, Jeff L, 1073 East Cascade Apt 5
Langland, Eryn K, 1075 E. Cascade Ave. Apt. 4
Larsen, Heidi C, 1134 Broadway
Larson, Elizabeth M, 523 East Johnson Street
Larson, James L, 233 W Cascade Ave Apt 205
Larson, Jennifer L, 101 North Cudd Avenue
Le Monds, Dale L, 1495 Riverside Dr #102
Lentz, Cheryl L, 538 Apollo Road
Liddle, Amy J, 1439 Steeple Drive
Lightner, Selena J, 1010 E Division Street
Lillo, Kember A, 311 E Division St
Lindall, Nancy J, 216 Glenmont Road
Lindloff, Andrew R, 218 West Chalotte St Apt 207
Linehan, Paula B, 1536 S Wasson Lane #6
Loiselle, Julia R, 1431 Wildcat Court Apt. #110
Lowell, Arriety A, 921 E Cascade Ave
Lubich, Nicole M, N8254 975th St
Luhtala, Katherine M, N8529 635th St
Luhtala, Stephanie J, N8529 - 635th Street
Lund, Jennifer A, N8208 950th St
Lundberg, Anna C, 1236 Sunset Lane
Lundberg, Michelle M, 1236 Sunset Ln
Magee, Ryan T, N8153 975th St
Mahnke, Elizabeth M, 1105 Sunset Ln
Mahnke, Ellen K, 1105 Sunset Lane
Maier, Jennifer L, 272 Glenmont
Manandhar, Jeena, 414 1/2 So 6th St
Martin, Debra R, N7268 1090th St
Martyn, Molly K, 618 Clark St Apt 1
Matara, Sarah J, 1110 Broadway
Matchette, Sally V, 1477 Riverside Drive #101
Maupin, Allison R, 107 Washington St
Mayer, Andrea B, 1520 Bartosh Lane
Mayer, Monica S, 211 W Johnson St Apt 5
McCarty, Michael A, 1536 S Wasson Ln Apt 4
McCoy, Matthew J, N8477 1060th St
McDonald, Steven A, N8410 1015th St
McGowan, Lisa E, 1495 Riverside Drive #304
McHarg, Rachel M, 1029 State St Apt 34
McKahan, Amanda M, 346 N Wasson Ln
McLean, Jason A, 542 Apollo Road
McLuen, Sean M, 1204 Bartosh Ln Apt 15
McMahon, Janet K, 539 E Pine Street
Meeker, Carolynn A, N8025 925th St Apt 2
Meier, Laura L, 1310 Bartosh Lane
Merced, Carmen E, 1018S. Main Street Apt. 2C
Miller, Anthony S, 705 S Main
Miller, Joseph A, 941 Hazel St
Miller, Tamara J, 905 S. Sycamore, Apt.b
Milligan, Samantha R, 1012504 850th Ave
Mischler, James P, 536 North Winter Street
Molitor, Terri Jo S, 103 S Dallas St #2
Montbriand, Daniel P, 157 Hwy 35 Apt 8 Box 7
Montgomery, Kirk E, 930 Falcon Drive
Moore, Scot A, 222 E. Locust St. #304
Mordecai, Lisa M, 805 S. Wasson Ln Apt. 202
Morgan, Christopher M, 307 East Pine Street
Morgan, Lynne M, 307 E Pine St
Morgan, Masako M, 307 E Pine St
Morisaki, Takeo, 215 Prucha Hall
Morrow, Aaron F, W10230 690th Ave
Morrow, Shalyn R, 63 W Woodridge Dr
Motz, Kelly J, 504 W Division St
Moulton, Jessica L, 215 Foster Apt#1
Mulrooney, Bryan P, 103 N. Fremont St
Murphy, Colin P, 286 State Road 65
Murphy, John A, 1003 East Hazel Street
Murphy, Mary K, 69 E Woodridge Dr
Murphy, Stuart G, 286 State Rd 65
Nakamura, Kei, 325 Prucha Hall
Nelson, Paul H, 424 1/2 N. 2nd St.
Nelson, Ryan J, 103 1/2 S Dallas St
Nerud, Heidi B, 715 S. Main St.
Neuhaus, Maxfield E, 321 North Dallas
Nicholson, Joy K, 355 Foster Street
Nordenstrom, Erin M, 1431 Wildcat Ct Apt 204
Noyes, Edmund K, 1164 Bartosh Lane #20
Nygaard, Nathan L, 427 E Elm St Apt 3
O Grady, Lindsey C, 630 Swedish Mission Road
O Malley, Joe J, 608 M M
O'Neill, Jeffery M, 816 Hazel St
Oberg, Matthew M, 1077 E Cascade Ave Apt 5
Obermueller, Amanda M, 2400 Golf View Dr
Ohnsorg, Trudy J, W9846 770th Ave
Okamoto, Takeaki, C/o Fusako.k 318 Prucha Hall
Olsen, Katie L, N5869 County Road E
Olson, Carla M, 417 Kennedy St
Ovsak, Jessica L, 1370 County Rd M
Pace, Kelly J, W10209 - 866th Avenue
Painter, Alta L, 877 Winter Court
Panning, Kelli J, 216 1/2 E. Elm St.
Paquette, Dennis J, 110 East Maple St Apt. 1
Parr, Ronald J, 208 E Spring St Apt 3
Pata, Carmen R, 208 South 5th Apt 1
Patrick, Thomas R, 435 North 4th Street
Paulson, Barbara J, 1011 E Hazel
Paulson, Brian S, 210 N Freemont St #2
Paulson, Mark A, W9702 818th Avenue
Payton, James L, N8426 1015th St
Payton, Tiffany M, N8516 - 1205th Street
Pearson, Linann M, 511 S Wasson Lane #212
Pechacek, Jarred K, 1228 Foster Street
Peskar, Justin C, 614 North Fremont Street
Peterson, Dana M, PO Box 537
Peterson, Eric M, 1024 E. Cascade Avenue
Peterson, Jill S, 132 W Johnson #19
Peterson, Kristin R, 420 1/2 E. Spring Street
Peterson, Matt P, 214 Glenmont Road
Podoll, Tyler C, P O Box 802
Polander, Katie L, 1477 Riverside Dr Apt 215
Poole, Dianna M, N8297 900th Street
Pospichal, Jan, 539 Birch St
Pospichalova, Eva, 227 4th Street #3
Poulin, Stacie M, 325 Glenmont Rd
Primm, Michelle D, N8725 - 1020th Street
Prince, Carol A, 57 Oakridge Dr
Putzier, Molly A, 217 East Elm Street
Quist, Debra A, W 11296 - 840th Avenue
Radtke, James W, W9188 Hwy 29
Randgaard, Matthew A, 120 S. 3rd Street
Randolph, Danielle C, 1485 Wildcat Ct. #204
Raverty, Jeremy W, 811 East Cascade Avenue
Reese, Charles R, 425 North Wasson Lane
Reich, Joseph T, 1301 Sunset Lane
Reich, Kristyn M, 1306 Roosevelt Street
Reid, Nora E, 404 S. Winter St. #2
Reilly, David W, 127 South 4th Street
Reinke, Nathan R, 1431 Wildcat Ct. Apt. #309
Renner, Bradford D, 234.5 South Third St.
Revels, Robert J, 517 Wasson Ct Apt 49
Rew, Kimberly J, 1546 Wasson Ln Apt 5
Rhines, Neil A, 115 Vine St
Rick, Robin E, 311 County Road J J
Rickford, April M, 1112 Broadway St
Ritzinger, Bridget E, W9708 818th Ave
Rixmann, April C, 438 N 8th St
Roberts, Matthew C, 417 South Wasson Lane, #105
Roberts, Scott A, 132 W Johnson Apt 14
Robison, Chad J, 603 1/2 Lake Street
Robole, Erica B, 213 North Dallas Street
Rodgers, Tiffany A, 143 E. Cascade Ave.
Roehl, Michael J, N8216 975th Street
Rohl, Dianne K, 715 Bartosh Lane
Rosario Vega, Eliluz, 1018 South Main St.
Rothberger, Susan, 274 Saddle Ridge Lane
Roy, Alexandra M, N 8246 - 975th Street
Ruckle, Gail L, 414 E Cedar St
Rude, Rose A, 639 Roosevelt St.
Rude, Steven J, 1041 S. State St. Apt. 41
Runge, Kendie M, 216 E Pine St #2
Ruschmeyer, Margaret A, 375 W Church St
Sadee, Paula J, 1011 State Street #2
Sadler, Nancy J, 1477 Riverside Dr #205
Salmon, Christina A, 1227 Sunset Lane
Sammon, Cathy Jo M, 530 Clark Street Apt 5
Scales, Tashai J, 223 E Maple St Apt. 301
Scheffler, Jason M, 132 W. Johnson #14
Schell, Leah R, 102 E Maple St #4
Scheller, Brenna L, 1213 Cemetery Road
Schillinger, Jeremy D, 906 State St. Apt. 304
Schlemmer, Rebecca L, 132 West Johnson St #19
Schlomann, Katie A, 515 E. Cascade Ave. #2
Schneider, Katherine K, 933 Howard St
Schneider, Tracy A, 225 South 4th Street
Schneider, Travis J, 308 Glenmont Rd
Schock, Molly B, 597 Sykora Ln
Schommer, Jon M, 1018 S Main Apt #9c
Schubert, Julie K, W12598 850th Ave
Schultz, Cheryl L, W6816 780the Ave
Schwebach, Gregory P, 1120 Wasson Cir
Schwenke, Christopher R, 637 Meadowbrook Lane
Seaman, Angela B, 1029 South State St.
Searls, Jarred B, 102 East Maple St. Apt #1
Secrist, Eric W, 1078 N Main St
Semi, Corrine L, 517 North 8th Street
Severin, Mikki L, P.O. Box 813
Shepard, David T, 411 S. 6th Street
Shepherd, Christopher P, 517 Wasson Court #48
Shepherd, Shannon M, 517 Wasson Court #48
Shibahara, Sayuri, 365 Hathorn Hall, Uw-Rf
Shimota, Michael J, 1077 E Cascade Ave., #7
Shogren-Carlson, Jessica J, 1119 S State Street Apt 164
Singel, Daniel J, W10342 879th Ave
Sipple, Nathan R, 203 S Liberty Rd
Sitz, Angela A, N8739 County Rd W
Skelton, Corri L, N7998 County Road W
Sloan, Nicole E, 1071 E. Cascade Ave. Apt #8
Smith, Megan L, 1473 Riverside Dr #309
Sohn, Kari J, 403 Wasson Ct #4
Soldan, Cassandra L, 1477 Emory #3
Solomonson, Amy L, 807 Vally View Dr.
Sonen, Melissa L, 202 5th Street
Sorensen, Julie A, 930 South Main St., #15a
Stacy, Andrew C, 747 River Ridge Rd
Steele, Alissa A, 233 W. Cascade Ave. #107
Steffen, Kathleen V, N8241 1015th St.
Steffen, Virginia M, 620 S.3rd St. #348
Stephan, David, 127 S 4th St
Stoskopf, Jeffrey A, 403 Wasson Court Apt.12
Strands, Erin M, 1431 Wildcat Ct., #309
Stroede, Michael J, 216 E Pine St #2
Struemke, William K, 594 Clark St #4
Strutz, Kristy L, P O Box 713
Sumner, Heather M, 130 Paulson Road
Swendson, Kurt R, 905 Lucille Court
Swenson, Brenda K, 93 - 165th Street
Sykora, Kimberly S, 517 Roosevelt Ct
Tammi, Jeremy R, 1457 Wildcat Crt. Apt. 213
Teppen, Thomas L, 192 County Road U
Terkelsen, Jane M, 215 N Grove St
Terlinden, Steven J, 220 W Cedar St
Thacker, Curtis A, 717 Valley View Dr
Thomley, Angela J, 114 N Freemont St
Thompson, Chad J, 930 S. Main St. Apt. 1A
Thompson, Kristopher R, 201 1/2 S. 3rd St #5
Tiede, Gretchen, 1316 S Spruce St
Timmerman, Alec R, 633 N Freemont St
Timmons, Tiffany L, 1071 E Cascade Ave Apt 3
Tritz, Mariah C, 1285 Bartosh Ln. #6
Troester, Gloria E, 1126 E Division St
Tyberg, Laurie A, 1477 Riverside Dr Apt#213
Urata, Mika, 403 East Division St
Van Dusen, James M, Apt. 9C 1018 S. Main Street
Van Epps, Scott D, 208 E. Charlotte Street
Van Nurden, Ryan D, 220 Jefferson St
Van Winkle, Jamie L, 302 North Third Street
Vasterling, Desmalee, 1073 East Cascade Ave #8
Vasterling, Joseph G, 1077 E Cascade Ave Apt 5
Vietor, Alisa K, 1119 S. State St. Apt. 156
Volker, Michelle A, 1477 Riverside Dr Apt 214
Wacek, Dawn M, 218 W Charlotte #107
Wahlen, Leigh E, 425 Kennedy St
Wales, Ryan J, 1750 Sorensen
Walters, Nicolle L, 1204 Bartosh Lane #24
Warndahl, Jamie S, 222 E Locust St #305
Warren, Carlos A, 511 S Wasson Ln Apt 112
Warrichaiet, Mary B, 417 S Wasson Lane #206
Wartenberg, Brenda L, 1457 Wildcat Ct #313
Waszkurak, Sharron G, 905 Lucille Ct
Waters, Tony R, 522 Pineridge Terrace
Waxon, Doug J, 225 W Hamilton Dr
Webb, Cindy M, N 8785 - 1020th Street
Weber, Bernadette R, 314 Prucha Hall
Weinreich, Lisa M, 1723 Golfview Dr
Weiss, Jeremy J, 542 Roosevelt Court
Welch, Michael J, W9641 770th Ave
Wilkens, Kris R, 2138 Golfview Drive
Wiskerchen, Dawn L, 1495 Riverside Dr. #308
Wolf, Caroline L, 498 Co Rd M.
Woodard, Ann L, P.O. Box 662
Xiong, Gao N, 235 W. Johnson #5
Yamashita, Fumi, 331 Prucha Hall
Younk, Bill J, P O Box 720
Yurgelyanis, Yana S, N8423 - 1251 St Street
Zalusky, Joseph A, 617 East Hazel Street
Zaruba, Krista K, N7775 920th Street
Zetah, Jon M, 417 S. Wasson Ln. Apt. 203
Ziriax, Jacquelin, 452 Griffey Street

Riverfalls, WI 54022:

McDaniels, Kathleen R, 202 1/2 S. 5th St.
Samples, Mark W, P.O. Box 12
Tsuboi, Ryo, 216 Prucha Hall

Roberts, WI 54023:

Anderson, Jennifer R, 759 - 103rd Street
Benson, Caroline M, 1453 Highway N
Benson, Melinda L, 1482 Highway N
Black, Allison M, 207B Graham St
Brink, Hans S, 1102 - 120th Street
Campbell, Rachel L, 309 N Vine St
Coleman, Tracy L, 1062 - 100th Avenue
Dreher, Benjamin J, 631 - 93rd Street
Dull, Ellen F, 315 North Vine Street
Engesether, Ashley E, 538 Trout Brook Rd
Gamache, Greg J, 205 W Elm St
Hamann, Gayle R, 1576 - 70th Avenue
Hering, Dawn M, 929 Highway N
Ickler, Robert L, 1191 Hwy N
Jacobs, Jason B, 1038 - 65th Avenue
Jensen, Monika K, 812 Highway 65
Johnson, Brian L, 109 Tower St
Johnson, Kathy J, PO Box 177
Lagrander, Kurt G, 577 Cty J
Martineau, Cheryl L, 1061 Coulee Trail
Mataczynski, Jeffrey R, 1098 - 89th Avenue
Mulhollam, Shelly J, 1265 County Road N
Nelson, Stacy L, 1188 County Road N
Nygaard, Jacob G, 1067 Coulee Trail
Polen, Chris P, 967 - 80th Avenue
Ricci, Marjorie L, 1050-65th Avenue
Samuel, Kevin R, 1087 Hwy 12
Segebrecht, Carole L, 6 Ida Street
Villarreal, Amber N, P O Box 235
Warnken, Cheryl A, 927 Highway 12
Wilberg, Douglas M, 905 120th St.suite B

Spring Valley, WI 54767:

Bates, Lisa M, P.O. Box 311
Boyer, Thomas D, N7921 490th St
Christenson, Abby M, W413 County Road B
Collett, Shaun M, PO Box 194
Erickson, Elizabeth A, 311 Cleveland
Flanders, Kamen J, W165 850th Ave
Gilbertson, Rachel L, W5351 780th Ave
Hanson, Jennie S, W1223 Lois
Kapping, Ryan C, E403 Pump Street
Keehr, Amanda A, S 237 Golf View Dr P O Box 426
Keehr, Elizabeth L, P O Box 426
Larson, Jessica J, N8649 50th St
Ludenia, Jennifer L, P.O. Box 152
Moe, Lacey J, N8362 State Road 128
Nolen, Melanie L, W4560 State Road 29
Salsbury, Kelly J, W4194 State Rd 29
Segelstrom, Shari L, N8204 Hwy 63
Shafer, John J, W3430 - 650th Avenue
Turner, Joshua A, W4402 850th Ave
West, Susan A
Woldstad, Brandy A, N125 Sabin Ave
Ziebell, Paul H, N425 Foote Ave
Zimmer, Aaron J, N8424 330 St
Zimmer, Kelly A, N7634 - 45th Street

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