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October 1, 1999

France's Le Trio Gershwin at UW-River Falls

By Jennifer Gottschalk
UW-RF News Bureau

Fans of George Gershwin will have the opportunity to experience his music once again through the talents of Le Trio Gershwin.

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls will hold a concert featuring Le Trio Gershwin on Oct. 25, at 8 p.m. in the Abbott Concert Hall in the Kleinpell Arts Building. Admission is free to students and $10 for non-students.

The scheduling of the performance is coordinated by the Wyman Performance Series as part of a special celebration for the 125th anniversary year of UW-River Falls.

Composer George Gershwin was born in Brooklyn in 1898. Gershwin taught himself and began to compose songs and musicals in his early teens. Gershwin creatively connected jazz and classical music in his concerts. He became famous in 1924 after he wrote "Rhapsody in Blue" as a concerto for piano. Gershwin's success led him to continue composing for musical theatre. Some of his most successful musicals include "Strike Up the Band," "Crazy Girl," and "Of Thee I Sing." He also wrote Hollywood musical scores before his death in 1937.

Members of the ensemble, classical guitarist Alfred Street, pianist Jean-Noel Roux, and cellist Benoit Charvet, formed Le Trio Gershwin. The group has performed throughout Europe and the United States in places such as the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Concert Society at Maryland, Shea's Performing Arts Center in Buffalo, Le Chateau de Carrouges in Normady, France, the Festival Musique en Perigord, the Festival of Meymac, France, the Schloss Elamau Festival, and many others.

Music critics said of their appearance, "The performance was powerful from the opening. The audience was swept away by the pure natural sound of the piano combined with the lightness of the guitar and the profound sound of the cello."

Benoit Charvet is the primary arranger for Le Trio Gershwin. Throughout his life, Charvet has studied the piano, flute, bass, and cello. His talents allow him to improvise, compose and arrange many styles of music for the group and others. He has composed several music themes for movies and television series.

Guitarist Alfred Street has traveled around the world because of music. He has performed in more than 400 concerts around the U.S and Europe. Streets' talents allowed him to record four CD's and appear on both European and American radio and television shows.

The third group member Jean-Noel Roux has been around music since birth. Born into a family of musician, Roux studied under Maestro Aldo Ciccolini at the Conservatory of Versailles, the Ecole Normale of Music de Paris, and the Paris Conservatory. He is interested in a wide variety of music and has played pop and jazz in clubs.

Together the group brings Gershwin's music to life once again. "All three instruments were successful in conveying all the spirit, magic and swing of Gershwin where a whole symphonic orchestra is usually needed," said the critic for the newspaper Le Perche in France.

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