Kleinpell Remodeling

University of Wisconsin - River Falls

Oct. 18, 1996

Kleinpell Remodeling Allocated $1.8 Million

by Ellie Walradth
UW-RF News Bureau

The University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents approved $1.8 million to improve air quality and replace aluminum wiring in the Kleinpell Fine Arts building at UW-RF.

Construction will begin April 15 and is scheduled to be completed by Oct. 15, according to campus planner Dale Braun.

The main reason for the project is to "improve safety for students and staff in the Fine Arts building," Braun said.

The project has been waiting for funding since 1993 when an environmental and safety consultant reported poor ventilation conditions in the art department and the speech communication and theatre arts department.

Because of pollutants such as clay dust and the heavy metals in clays that exist in art classrooms, proper ventilation will make these areas safer and healthier. The project calls for two actions: ventilation systems will be replaced and modified in the art and speech areas, and aluminum wiring will be replaced with copper throughout the building.

Braun said some offices and classrooms will be relocated as a result of the safety improvements. Faculty offices on the first-floor west wing will be relocated to the current Dean's Office complex to make room for a new mechanical room.

The Dean's Office will be moved to two remodeled classrooms on the south side of Kleinpell on the first floor, and to make up for the lost classroom space, about 4,500 square feet of South Hall's third floor will be remodeled to create four additional classrooms.

This project will complete the renovation of South Hall, which could not be completed in a general renovation in that building in 1991 because of a shortage of funds.

In Kleinpell remodeling will include about 5,000 square feet on the basement floor and 6,600 square feet on the first floor. Also, a 1,100 square foot addition with fire walls be added to west side to house the art department's kilns and glass furnaces.

The Wisconsin State Building Commission has released funds to begin renovation, but the project is still in the design phase.

Braun said that it is important to note that construction will be done to an occupied building.

"We ask for people's patience as there will be a lot of banging, noise and dust. As a result, though, we will have a safer Fine Arts building."

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