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September 20, 2002

Local High School Students Enrolled at UW-RF

Thirty-six students from area high schools are jump-starting their college careers this fall at UW-River Falls, taking college-level courses through a Wisconsin state program known as Youth Options.

The Youth Options program opens the door to greater learning opportunities for students who are considering a technical career, students wishing to begin college early, or students who want to prepare to enter the workforce immediately after high school graduation.

According to UW-RF Assistant Director of Admissions George Hansen, the program allows junior- or senior-level students to apply to the school district to take University courses if they want to take a class their high school doesn't offer or if they have already taken all of the courses offered in a subject area.

If the course is approved by the school board, the student will not have to pay the tuition cost and the student will receive both high school and post-secondary credit for a successfully completed course.

"Students must be in the top quarter of their high school class before being admitted to the University, and there must be space available," said Hansen. "University students in degree programs are given preference."

Hansen said the Youth Options program is not to be confused with the Advanced Placement program, a national program that provides for college-level courses to be taught in high schools by high school teachers. Once a year, students are able to test for college credit for the courses they have taken through Advanced Placement.

Students enrolled in the Youth Options program from Baldwin-Woodville High School include: Catherine Hennessey, general psychology, 3 credits; Stephanie Larson, beginning Spanish, 4 credits; Krista Milligan, calculus II, 4 credits; Cami Neneman, environmental science and management and college algebra, 6 credits; Emily Rasmussen, general psychology, 3 credits; and Daniel Schumacher, beginning German, 4 credits.

Students from Hudson High School include: Mark Andrews, introduction to Latin America, 3 credits; Amanda Bylow, beginning French, 4 credits; Molly Campbell, music in American culture, 3 credits; Stephen Frye, programming I and environmental science and management, 6 credits; Kirsten Kuhn, women's history: United States, 3 credits; Erica Larsen, equine management and equitation, 2 credits; and Michael Lovell, beginning Japanese and object-oriented programming, 7 credits.

Jacob Dalton from New Richmond High School is enrolled in calculus III and object-oriented programming, 6 credits.

Carol Lindahl from Osceola High School is enrolled in introduction to sociology, U.S. history to 1877, environmental science and management and freshman English, 12 credits.

Students from Prescott High School include Carrie Hauge, David Hengel, Jay Hover, Hillary Hunter and Joseph Mercord, all enrolled in calculus I, 4 credits; Matthew Leick, living issues in philosophy and calculus I, 7 credits; Rochelle Ptacek, equine management and equitation, 2 credits; and Kurt Van Horn, calculus II, 4 credits.

Students from River Falls High School include Lacy Aukema, Spanish composition and conversation, 3 credits; Collin Cudd, calculus II, 4 credits; Matthew Fox, calculus II, 4 credits; Katherine Hagen, general chemistry II, 5 credits; Casey Kinders, calculus II, general physics and general physics laboratory, 9 credits; Rebecca Nierengarten, understanding music and origins of modern philosophy, 6 credits; Rebekah O'Brien, music theory and ear training, 4 credits; Chad Parslow, music theory and ear training, 4 credits; Anthony Pechacek, intermediate Spanish, 3 credits; Kelly Stellrecht, introduction to film studies, 3 credits; and Leni Wolf, Spanish composition and conversation, 3 credits.

Morgann Robinson from Saint Croix Central High School is enrolled in introduction to sociology, college algebra and trigonometry, and general psychology, 9 credits.

Michael Hoppe from Somerset High School is enrolled in college algebra, 3 credits.

For information on the Youth Options Program at UW-RF, call George Hansen, 715/425-3500. Students and parents may also contact a high school counselor or call the Department of Public Instruction, 800/441-4563.

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