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Sept. 12, 2003

UW-River Falls Presents International Film Festival

UW-River Falls will be holding its International Film Festival on Tuesday afternoons this fall. The theme of the films is "Self-reflecting mirrors."

Ever since Dziga Vertov's 1929 masterpiece "Man With A Movie Camera," films have been made reflecting and commenting on the medium of the cinema. This semester's festival offers a selection of lesser-known films made about movie making.

Here is a list of this semester's films, which are all free and open to the public. All films will begin at 4:30 p.m. in Room 361 of the Kleinpell Fine Arts Building.

Sept. 23, "Once Upon a Time Cinema," directed by Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Iran, 1992. This is Makhmalbaf's first comedy and is set during the Qajar dynasty. It tells the story of the cinematographer who introduces the magic of movies into the Persian court. The Shah, who has 84 wives and 200 children, is opposed to the new medium, but after a screening falls in love with the movie's heroine. Moderated by College of Arts and Sciences Dean Gorden Hedahl.

Oct. 7, "Shadow Magic," directed by Ann Hu, China, 2001. The film takes place in Peking, China, in 1902. The Feng Tai Photo Shop is in a frenzy of preparation for the arrival of Peking's most important opera star, Lord Tan. Liu Jinglun, the chief photographer, becomes entranced by silent movies when a foreigner, Raymond Wallace, introduces them to the people of Peking. Moderated by Hedahl.

Oct. 21, "8 1/2," Italy, 1963. This Oscar-nominated film by director Federico Fellini is a masterpiece of storytelling and cinema. This surreal film tells the story of 43-year-old film director Guido Anselmi, who is having a midlife crisis. He also struggles with Freudian complexes concerning his wife, his lover, his ideal woman and his parents. Moderated by French Professor Kristine Butler Karlson.

Nov. 4, "Bye Bye Africa," directed by Mahamat-Saleh Haroun, Chad, 1999. This fictional documentary tells of the making of a film, also named "Bye Bye Africa." It focuses on the technical and economic difficulties of film production in Africa while at the same time demonstrating the potential of new digital video technology. Moderated by Hedahl.

Nov. 18, "The Stars' Caravan," directed by Arto Halonen, Kyrgyzstan, 2000. Before the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the government sent out cinema units to the far reaches of the USSR to expose its citizens to propaganda films. When Kyrgyzstan seceded from the Republic, its cinema program funding was cut and the citizens were deprived of their beloved movies. This documentary follows the lone projectionist who has made it his mission to bring cinema back to the people of this volatile country. Moderated by Hedahl.

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