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Sept. 5, 2003

Rogers Selected as UW-RF Outstanding Faculty Member

UW-River Falls business law Associate Professor Suzy Rogers was selected as the College of Business and Economics 2003 Outstanding Faculty Member.

The selection was made by fall and spring UW-RF graduates from 1999 and 2001, who were asked to nominate professors who had the most positive impact on their education, career and lives. They rated them on excellence in teaching, understanding and helpfulness as an adviser and ability to motivate by example.

Among some of the alumni comments were:

"She made class interesting and brought real-life experiences into it. You were 'forced' to learn in a good and positive way."

Said another, "Suzy was a superb business law teacher. I learned and retained so much. Many of us who graduated from UW-RF and had Suzy as a law teacher have passed the law section of the CPA exam with flying colors. She is very deserving of the award!"

Rogers, a St. Paul resident, said this award is meaningful because the students select the recipient.

"I'm very honored to receive this award, especially because itŐs decided by former UW-RF students. I've always considered teaching to be the most important, and rewarding, part of my job."

Rogers was born in France and lived in Canada and the Fiji Islands as a child. She began college at the age of 16, went to law school at the age of 20 and became a lawyer by the time she was 23.

She earned her bachelor's degree at Western Illinois University and her doctorate at the University of Illinois. Rogers said that she fell into teaching by accident. She was a staff attorney for a university legal aid office and was offered a teaching job when a business law professor left one week before the semester was to start.

Before coming to UW-RF 19 years ago, she taught at Western Illinois University and Indiana State University. Rogers is proud of her achievements in her career, but most of all, her success as a teacher.

"I take pride in trying to be a really good teacher, on an ongoing basis. As a lawyer, I'd have to say my greatest accomplishments were preventing innocent people from being convicted of crimes they hadn't committed. Sadly, this isnŐt as easy as it sounds."

The Outstanding Faculty Member award has been given out annually for five years in the College and previously through the School of Business and Economics. The School was established in 1999, was elevated to the status of a College in December 2001.

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