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September 3, 2004

UW-River Falls Theatre Performs "The Housekeeper"

The UW-River Falls University Theatre presents the third annual Blanche Davis University Scholarship fundraiser with a production of "The Housekeeper" in the Sanford Syse Theatre of the Kleinpell Fine Arts Building Sept. 9-11 and 16-18 at 7:30 p.m.

"The Housekeeper," written by James Prideaux, is about a self-styled literary artist, Manley, who engages a housekeeper, Annie Dankworth, to look after his large Victorian house (and himself).

Foundering a bit after the death of his aged (and domineering) mother, Manley is taken aback when Annie first arrives wearing sneakers and carrying her belongings in a grocery cart. She seems so eager to please that he relents, after which their relationship progresses rapidly from reserve to hatred. Annie insults her employer, denigrates his writing, admits she forged her references, accuses Manley of lusting after her and, in general, makes his life a living hell.

The Blanche Davis University Scholarship Fund originated when UW-RF theatre Professor Meg Swanson and retired journalism Professor Mike Norman decided to do a special recognition of Davis with a production of Love Letters in the Fall of 2002. They started a fund in which proceeds from various productions go toward an awarded scholarship to at least one outstanding theatre student each year.

Blanche Davis was a professor of theatre and department chair at UW-River Falls for 24 years. She is credited with establishing the theatre and speech programs at the University, where the main stage theatre is named in her honor.

Hope Yeager, UW-RF senior majoring in theatre, directs "The Housekeeper." The play is a co-production of the University Theatre and HearthCricket-- a local theatre company started by Wayne Yeager, a UW-RF senior and theatre major. Wayne is also responsible for creating the Theatre Restoration Fund, which is intended to bring support to the Davis Theatre since celebrating its 30th anniversary last year.

"The Housekeeper" stars Wayne Yeager and Patricia Viet, an active community member involved in St. Croix Valley Summer Theatre and River Falls Community Theatre.

Student and senior tickets are $4. Adult tickets are $8. All tickets are on sale at the door. For more information, please call the box office at 715/425-3114.


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