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August 29, 2002

26 Join UW-RF Faculty, Staff for Academic Year

A total of 26 new faculty and staff will being the academic year on Sept. 3, when classes resume for an estimated 5,700 student. Here is a listing by colleges and departments:

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences.

Agriculture Economics/Cooperative Extension: Ms. Brenda Boetel, Assistant Professor; A.B.D. University of Minnesota, M.A. University of Kentucky, B.A. Moorhead State University. Juliet Tomkins, Lecturer, B.A. Wesleyan University J.D. William Mitchell College of Law. Jody Padgham, Lecturer, B.S. UW-Madison. Ms. Suzanne Wisniewski, Lecturer, B.A. St. Olaf College M.S. University of Minnesota.

Animal and Food Science: Ms. Kristina Huney, Lecturer; A.B.D. Michigan State University, M.S. Texas A&M University, B.S. University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign. Ms. Cynthia Zook, Lecturer, M.S. University of Florida, B.S. University of Central Florida.

College of Arts and Sciences

Art: Ms. Megan Vossler, Lecturer; M.F.A Minneapolis College of Art and Design, B.A. Brown University.

Biology: Dr. Scott Ballantyne, Assistant Professor; Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison, M.S. University of California-San Diego, B.S. University of Wisconsin-Parkside. Mr. Jason Smith, Lecturer; M.S. University of Minnesota, B.S. Geneva College; Dr. Mary Stunkard, Lecturer; Ph.D. Southern Illinois University, M.S. Michigan Technological University, B.S. Michigan Technological University.

Chemistry: Dr. Ross Jilk, Assistant Professor; Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison, B.S. University of Minnesota.

English: Mr. David Beard, Assistant Professor; A.B.D. University of Minnesota, M.A. University of Minnesota, B.A. Marquette University. Ms. Danielle Ibister, Lecturer; M.F.A. Penn State University, B.S. University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Mr. Jonathan Langford, Lecturer; M.A. Brigham Young University, B.A. Brigham Young University.

Geography and Mapping Sciences: Dr. Marguerite Forest, Assistant Professor; Ph.D. University of Oregon and Oregon State University, M.A. Colorado State University, M.S. University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, B.A. University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, B.A. University of Capetown. Dr. John Heppen, Assistant Professor; Ph.D. Louisiana State University, M.A. Louisiana State University, B.A. Michigan State University.

Modern Language: Ms. Kelly Wrang, Lecturer; M.A., Indiana University, B.A. Indiana University.

Physics: Aaron Wynveen, Lecturer, B.S. University of Minnesota M.S. University of Michigan.

College of Education and Professional Studies

Counseling and School Psychology: Dr. Scott Woitaszewski, Visiting Assistant Professor; Ph.D., M.A. Ball State University, B.A. Gustavus Adolphus College.

Health and Human Performance: Mr. William Henderson, Lecturer/Coach; M.S. California State University-Sacramento, B.A. California State University-Sacramento.

Teacher Education: Ms. Dorothy Moore, A.B.D. University of Nevada-Reno, M.A. Lesley College, B.S. University of Nevada-Reno.

College of Business and Economics

Computer Science and Information Systems: Dr. Anthony Varghese, Assistant Professor; Ph.D. University of Minnesota, M.S.E.E. University of Minnesota, B.S. University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

Administrative Appointments

College of Business and Economics: Ms. Michelle Hadley, Outreach Program Manager; M.A. Michigan State University; B.A. UW-Stevens Point.

Leadership Center: Ms. Judith Herhold, Associate Student Services Coordinator; M.E. James Madison University; B.A. Baldwin-Wallace College. Kelly Grenier, Associate Student Services Coordinator, B.S. UW-Steven Point.

Wisconsin in Scotland Program: Mr. Terry McDonald, Administrative Program Manager I; M.S. University of Wisconsin-Stout; B.A. Ohio State University.

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