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August 25, 2000

56 New Faculty/Staff Join UW-RF Ranks

A total of 56 new faculty and staff will be on board at UW-River Falls as the campus begins fall classes on Sept. 5.

Here is a listing of those individuals by Colleges, departments and their previous academic experiences:

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences
Agricultural Education: Tim Buttles, Lecturer; M.S. UW-River Falls, B.S. UW-Madison.
Animal and Food Science: Dr. Peter L. Rayne, Assistant Professor; D.V.M. UW-Madison, B.S. UW-River Falls.
Plant and Earth Science: Laine Christine Vignona, Assistant Professor; Ph.D., M.S. Rice University, B.S. Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. David Kelley, Lecturer; Ph.D. University of Minnesota, M.S. California Polytechnic State University, B.A. St. Anselm College.

College of Arts and Sciences
Art: Carol Lee Chase, Lectur er; M.F.A. California College of Arts and Crafts, B.A. UW-River Falls. Dianne L. Meixner, Lecturer; M.A. Vermont College of Norwich University, B.A. University of Minnesota.
Biology: John E. Ford, Lecturer; M.S. UW-Eau Claire, B.S. Northland College. Elizabeth Gerbec, Lecturer; Ph.D., M.S. Miami University, B.S. University of Dayton. John A. Wheeler, Assistant Professor; Ph.D. Oregon State University, M.A., B.A. California State University. Jessica Daniels, Lecturer; M.S. University of Minnesota, B.A. Concordia College.
Chemistry: Vicki L. MacMurdo, Lecturer; Ph.D. University of Minnesota; B.S. Hope College.
English: Michelle A. Brown Nephew; Lecturer; Ph.D. UW-Milwaukee, M.A. West Virginia University, B.A. UW-Platteville. Jo Seton, Lecturer; Ph.D. UW-Milwaukee, M.A. University of Exeter, England, B.A. Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Maggi Kramm, Lecturer; Ph.D., B.A. University of Minnesota.
Geography and Mapping Sciences: Christopher Atkinson, Lecturer; M.S. University of North Dakota, B.A. St. Cloud State University. Jeff L. Knapp, Lecturer; M.A., B.A. University of Northern Iowa.
Journalism: Dave Wood, Lecturer; Ph.D. Bowling Green State University, M.A., B.A. WSC-Eau Claire. Brenda Bredahl, Lecturer; M.A. University of Minnesota, B.S. UW-River Falls.
Mathematics: Wayne L. Beebe, Lecturer; M.S.T. UW-River Falls, B.S. WSU- River Falls. Erick Hofacker, Lecturer; M.S.T., B.S. UW-River Falls.
Modern Language: Nancy K. Ficek, Lecturer; M.S. UW-River Falls, B.A. University of New Mexico.
Music: Hilree J. Hamilton, Lecturer; Ph.D., M.A. University of Minnesota, B.A. University of Northern Colorado. Carol Pearce Bjorlie, Lecturer; M.F.A. Hamline University, B.M. East Carolina University. Sarah Parks, Assistant Professor; M.M. UW-Madison, B.M. St. Olaf College.
Political Science: Erick G. Highum, Lecturer; Ph.D. Florida State University, M.A. American University, B.A. UW-Madison. MaCherie M. Placide, Lecturer; M.A. Hamline University, B.S. Texas Southern University.
Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice: Tricia M. Davis, Assistant Professor; Ph.D. North Carolina State University, M.A. Minnesota State University-Mankato, B.A. Winona State University.
Speech Communication and Theatre Arts: Vapordeal Sanders, Lecturer; Ph.D. University of Minnesota, M.A., B.A. University of Northern Iowa. Angela Dawn Siwik, Lecturer; M.S. South Dakota State University, B.A. Winona State University.

College of Education and Graduate Studies
Communicative Disorders: Linda Giebel, Lecturer; M.S., B.S. UW-River Falls. Andrew T. Strub, Lecturer; M.S., B.S. UW-River Falls.
Deanıs Office: Linda Bentz, Project Director; M.S., B.S. Western Illinois University. Susan Jackson, Advisor; M.A. Michigan State University, B.A. The University of Kentucky.
Health & Human Performance: Stephanie Stadden, Lecturer; M.A., B.S. Minnesota State University-Mankato. Don Glover, Lecturer; M.S., B.S. Winona State University.
Social Work Program: Mary Elaine Helmer Paulson, Lecturer; M.S.W. College of St. Catherine-University of St. Thomas, B.A. College of St. Catherine.
Teacher Education: Sharon Scapple, Lecturer; Ph.D. University of Minnesota, M.S. Winona State University, B.S. UW-Eau Claire. Carolyn Henk, Lecturer; M.A. UW-River Falls, B.S. UW-Stout.

Administrative Units
Computer Science and Information Systems: Shafi A. Khaled, Lecturer; Ph.D., M.A. University of Minnesota.

School of Business and Economics
Business Administration: Claire McCarty Kilian, Assistant Professor; Ph.D. Ohio State University, B.A. UW-Madison. Darryl W. Miller, Assistant Professor; Ph.D. Kent State University, M.B.A. Indiana University, B.A. Purdue University. Michael J. Miller, Lecturer; M.B.A. University of Minnesota Graduate School of Business, B.A. St. Johnıs University. Mary C. Tichich, Assistant Professor; Ph.D., M.S. Texas A&M University, B.S. University of Delaware. James Falkofske, Lecturer; M.S., B.S. UW-Stout.
Economics: Dennis Paulaha, Lecturer; Ph.D. University of Washington, M.A., B.S. University of Minnesota.

Administrative Appointments
Admissions: Sarah Nelson, Student Services Coordinator; B.S. UW-River Falls.
Career Services: Sheri Stover, Career Counselor; M.A. University of St. Thomas, B.A. Augustana College.
Leadership Center: Patrick Wade, Event Coordinator; M.S., B.A. University of Tennessee. Emily Anne Ronning, Leadership Training Coordinator; M.S. University of Kansas, B.S. UW-Madison. Dawn L. Gallinger, Involvement Coordinator; M.S. University of South Carolina, B.S. North Central College. Lance Ross, Recreational Leadership Coordinator; B. S. UW-River Falls.
Outreach: Ms. Katherine M. Bartelt, Program Manager; B.S. UW-River Falls. Mary Lou Bean, WWP- Specialist; B.S. UW-River Falls. Julie Cross, Program Specialist; M.A. University of St. Thomas, B.A. UW-Eau Claire. Debra D. Iversen, Program Manager; M.S., B.S. UW-Stout.
Student Services Center: Cara Lee Gustafson, Student Services Coordinator; B.S. UW-River Falls.

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