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August 4, 2000

Wisconsin Students in Regional Art Exhibit

By Rachel Weddig
UW-RF News Bureau

The artwork ranges from pictures of gateways to happiness, to monsters with tiger tails, to giant pandas, and self-portraits.

Fourteen students from western Wisconsin, and one student from south-central Wisconsin, were selected to have their artwork displayed in October at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, the central region location for the Crayola Dream-Makers national program "Millennium Odyssey."

The studentsı assignment as part of "Millennium Odyssey" was to create artwork designed to share their thoughts of the past and dreams of the future. Out of 372 regional entries, these 15 students ranging from kindergarten through sixth grade were chosen and are from eight different schools in Wisconsin. At the conclusion of the exhibit, their work will be put permanently on display in Washington, D.C.

In 1984, Binney & Smith, makers of Crayola products, introduced the Dream-Makers program to help art and classroom teachers enhance the role of hands-on art activities as an integral part of the kindergarten through sixth grade school curriculum. Since then, more than 14 million students and tens of thousands of teachers have been involved in activities related to the Dream-Makers program.

The students used various types of art materials like crayons, chalk, acrylic paint, watercolors, markers, colored pencils, and magazine images to create their works of art.

One student using magazine images created a collage titled, "The Rich and the Poor," which shows a contrast between the rich and the poor.

"My collage is about how rich people with power use and abuse the poor to keep them from gaining power," said Jasmine Drews, a fifth-grader from New Richmond. "In the future my dream is for rich people to give to the poor."

Another student using colored pencils and markers drew a gateway to happiness called, "Hip, Hop, Happiness."

"My gateway represents the road to happiness," said Courtney Coulthard, a fifth-grader from Juda. "It turns into a bell-bottomed character with a lot of love in his heart."

"Pet in a Bubble," was the title of another artwork that incorporated a theme of safety.

"My creature is half bull and half octopus. My creature has to be in a bubble for protection," said Brielle Macbeth, a third-grader from Baldwin. "My creature is an underwater creature for protection."

UW-RF art professor Lynn Jermal, coordinator of the regional exhibition, is very pleased with the studentsı artwork. "The artworks in the exhibition are very moving," said Jermal. "Itıs amazing how vividly these children express their thoughts and dreams about this special time in our history through their artwork."

In total, 40 students will have their artwork displayed from six states representing the central region. The students are from Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. UW-RF is the only central regional site that will display the studentıs work in an exhibition to be held during Oct. 1-22.

With a student body of 5,800, UW-River Falls is located in west-central Wisconsin and is part of the Twin Cities metropolitan area of Minneapolis-St. Paul.

"UW-RF was selected to host the Crayola Dream-Makers program because of its reputation for excellence in the arts and their community to strong educational programming in the schools and community throughout their art education program," said Diann Berry, director of art education and the Dream-Makers program.

A plaque featuring a photograph of the studentıs artwork selected for regional display is awarded to each young artist. After the exhibition is concluded, the studentıs artwork will be placed permanently on the walls of the U.S. Department of Education building in Washington, D.C.UW-RF is planning a special reception for the student artists and their teachers on Oct. 8 during the opening exhibition. From 1-4 p.m. there will be student dance, piano, and theater performances, artist demonstrations, and hands-on projects for students to participate in, which are free and open to the public.

For more information about the Dream-Makers exhibition contact Jermal at the UW-RF art department at 715/425-3266.

Wisconsin students listed by hometown, school, and name:

Amery, Lakeview Intermediate: Nick Peet.
Baldwin, Greenfield Elementary: Brielle Macbeth.
Deer Park, St. Croix West Elementary: Jessica Hesselink.
Hammond, St. Croix Central Elementary: Kashia Hill.
Hudson, Willow River Elementary: Laryssa Marquardt.
Juda, Juda Public School: Courtney Coulthard.
New Richmond, New Richmond Middle: Jessica Lutz; St. Croix East Elementary: Jasmine Drews; St. Croix West Elementary: Drew Jensen, Tasia Kelley, Adam Sislo, Kaitlin Toennes.
Roberts, St. Croix Central Elementary: Adam Calcagno.
Star Prairie, St. Croix West Elementary: Rylie Berger.
Woodville, Greenfield Elementary: Sammantha Basques.

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