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July 23, 2004

Teens Sample College Life at UW-River Falls

By Molly Exner
UW-River Falls News Bureau

Some of the most promising teens from across the state attended Teen University July 12-16 on the University of Wisconsin-River Falls campus.

Teen University offers young students who show strong academic drive a glimpse into their future as potential college students. Now in its 13th summer, Teen University gave approximately130 students, who had finished grades six to eight, the experience to take a number of morning and afternoon enrichment classes during the week-long program.

"We try to encourage them to take different classes," according to program manager Carmen Boortz. "We try to make it a growing experience." In addition to enjoying the 226-acre campus, Teen University aims to keep kids at the top of their class and encourage college attendance by providing an early campus experience with several academic and creative courses.

Subjects this year included 20th century literature, scuba diving, natural resources, biotechnology, fly fishing and fly tying, mystery writing and other topics. This year, a favorite course among students was a look into the fascinating world of cartooning and comics. Instructor Jim KcKahan guided 18 students through the process of creating and producing a finished cartoon.Culmination of the course is a limited-edition comic book of each student's work. In September, the comic book will be available on Teen University Web site at

Boortz says a popular feature of Teen University that attracts more students each year is an overnight option in which students stay in campus residence halls. This gives students the chance to live like "real" college students and eat "real" college food. All meals for residents are included in the fees and provided by the University Food Service.

According to Boortz, the goal of the program is to provide kids with an experience at college life. "If they have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with a university, they wonÕt be so afraid of it," she said. "WeÔre always trying to do constant improvements to make sure the program runs efficiently so that our time and energy can be directed towards the students," says Boortz. "Once the kids are here, we focus our attention on them. ItÕs been a real drive of mine to make sure everything is ready, organized, smooth and efficient."

Editor's Note: Participants in the 2004 Teen University were:

WISCONSIN RESIDENTS: OSCEOLA: Briana Abrahamson, Amber Ballard, Stacy Collova, Jordyn Haley Kayla Wistrom RIVER FALLS: Arielle Altenburg, Ellen Anderson-benge, Clarice Baumgartner, Katherine Bosworth, Anthony Capparelli, Tessa Chatara-Middleton, Ashley Colbeth, Elise Conklin, Patrick Cox, Tyler Dusek, Taylor Evans, Kylie Gordon, Monet Goudreault, Koehl Heebink, Jennifer Hoffman, Sarah A. Hoffman, Michael Johnson, Isabel Jilk, Sarah Lorenzen, Ryan Maas, Kathryn Mazac, Kayleen Meyer, Tori Miller, Carolyn Moeger, Kate Moutray, Lesedy Nthole, Cameron Nyquist, Peter Nyquist, Andy Owen, Hillary Payton, Gail Popelka, Truman Purdy, Margaret Sanders, Ella Schwartz, Emma Smith, Andrea Sorenson, Jessie Staerk, Lindsey Swanson, Jacob Thompson, Melene Thompson, Erin Thornton, Alexander Toftness, Jeff Trechter, Nathan Walker, Adam Wilson, Peter Wolff, Megan Wrzosek HUDSON: John P. Anderson, Natalie Anderson, Rob Anding, Tess Babbitt, Cody Brunelle, Kathleen Cameron, Franky Caruso, Erin Christensen, Santanna Cowan, Katelyn Deutsch, Robbie Doyle, Ashlyn Ferron, Sara Feyereisen, Emily Klanderman, Stephanie List, Ivy Meier, Erica Meyer, Max Mosca, Joseph Redford, Adam Selon, Lindsey Rindo, Jeremiah Shafer, Grace Zwiefelhofer PLUM CITY: Bradley Anderson, John Burg, Tyler Clare SPRING VALLEY: Katie Anderson KNAPP: Sten Anderson HAGER CITY: Alex Andrews, Toby Reeck DEER PARK: Miranda Boettcher, Megan Cook-Shannon, ONALASKA: Carly Boortz-Marx, Jonathan Boortz-Marx SOMERSET: Molly Bull, Gina Hanzlik, Katherine Kippes, Rory Martell, Calvin Wilson PRESCOTT: Mark Carlson, John Fetzner, Alec Hamilton, Adam Ironside GELNWOOD CITY: Richard Fickling NEW RICHMOND: Breanna Getschel, Jack Johnston, Brian Poulin, Lauren Rominski ROBERTS: Ethan Hofland, Austin Johnson, Linnea Olson, Nate Powell BALDWIN: Alyssa Hudson, Amanda Larson, Stephanie Larson, Westleigh Poole, Mark A. Serier CUMBERLAND: Joyanna K. Helbig, Jayna Hulleman, Sara Peters, Stacia Thompson HAMMOND: Andrew Lathe, Andrew Zwald ALMENA: Justin Johnson ELLSWORTH: Maxwell Kleinhans WOODVILLE: Daniel McDonnell PEPIN: Julie Noel FREDERIC: Alexandra Puetz




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