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June 30, 2000

Teens Get Sampling of University Life at UW-RF

By Rachel Weddig
UW-RF News Bureau

Younger students sitting in classrooms and mingling around UW-River Falls taking Japanese classes and learning about radio and television broadcast must mean itıs "Teen University" time again for the summer. Eighty-three local students from grades 6-8 experienced college life June 12-16 at the ninth annual "Teen University" program at UW-River Falls.

Sponsored by University Outreach, the program is designed to provide academic enrichment classes for students who show high academic potential, motivation and talent. University faculty and other specially selected instructors throughout local communities taught the classes.

The students were invited to attend the program by their schoolıs gifted and talented coordinators or other faculty.

"The students for this program have been labeled as gifted through scholastic test scores, or their teachers feel they are worthy students," said UW-RF program coordinator David Schuchter.

Schuchter emphasized that teachers were encouraged to nominate students that have a special skill in a particular field, even though their scholastic test scores may not have been extremely high.

A new feature this year gave students the option to stay overnight in residence hall rooms. Schuchter believes this gives students a better feeling for university life, and in the future will make the program more accessible to students outside the River Falls area.

The program offered a variety of traditional courses involving technology and math, but also added some new ones. New courses to the program this year were: Introduction to Radio Production and Radio News; Drawing Cartoons and Comics; Marbling on Paper and Fabric; Is Japanese Cool? Exploring Japan; "A Day in the Life" International Studies Seminar; and Personal Choices‹Financial & Economic Decision-making

. "All the courses are designed to challenge the students to succeed at a high academic level," Schuchter said. "We give the students a wide array of choices so they can explore new areas or take classes they already know something about and be challenged."

Schuchter commented that enrollment increased from last year, which is due to the reputation of the program.

"Every year the program receives positive feedback from both parents and students," Schuchter said. "This program is a rewarding experience that allows the students to go beyond their regular middle school education."

The following students from Wisconsin participated in Teen University, listed by their home town, their school, and name:

Baldwin, Viking Middle: Jenna Cronk, Jessica Donahoe, Robyn Donahoe, Galen Farah, Peder Hoffman, Nan Onkka.
Beldenville, Ellsworth Middle: Astrid Morrison, Miranda Morrison, Nolan Sweeney. Comstock, Turtle Lake: Jenna McGrath.
Ellsworth, Ellsworth Middle: Gary Crabtree.
Hager City, Ellsworth Middle: Alice Andrews, Kayla Seymour. Hammond, St. Croix Central: Kristine Brunshidle.
Houlton, Hudson Middle: Theo Bhagyman.
Hudson, Hudson Middle: Megan Bredeson, Erika Eby, Kate Curran, Ashley Lanphear, Carl Magnusson, John McConville.
Hudson, Meyer Middle: Megan Funk.
Hudson, St. Patrickıs: Sam Cari, Megan McDonald, Anthony Reams, Hannah Talbott, Ryan Worrell.
Menomonie, Menomonie Middle: Julianna Arntzen, Ankur Asthana, Daniel Rademaker.
New Richmond, New Richmond Middle: Kiris Brockmiller, Emily Buell, Michael Heintz, Sara Leahy, Jamie Mattison, Madelyn Mayry, Huong Nguyen, Ellen Railsback, Katelyn Suo.
Osceola, Osceola Middle: Greta Anderson, Amanda Campeau, Maddie Dosch, Kelli Gary, Jamie Haley, Christine Hanley, Kristina Kelleher, Colton Thompson, Joshua Willey. Plum City, St. Johnıs: Laura Glaus.
Prairie Farm, Prairie Farm: Anthony Nedland. Prescott, Homeschool: Bailey Webster.
Prescott, Prescott Middle: Sammi Dravis, Willie Eggers, Nick Foreman.
River Falls, Meyer Middle: David Ballard, Wayne Ballard, Alexander Cobian, Kiersen Gordon, Sarah Haskins, Glenn Hodgson, Landon Humphreys, Storm Meier, Brendan Rogers, Whitney Toftness, Karl Voelker.
River Falls, St. Bridgetıs: Jenny Smith.
Roberts, St. Croix Central: Amy Hopkins, Anna Perry.
Scandia, Osceola Middle: Aliena Kroells.
Somerset, Somerset Middle: Matthew Helget.
Spring Valley, Spring Valley Elementary: Thomas Goman, Patrick Kirby; Spring Valley Middle: Kara Gunderson, Trenton Hannack, Myanna Lansing, Scott Turner.
Star Prairie, Osceola Middle: Daniel Hustad, Nathan White.
St. Croix Falls, St. Croix Falls Middle: Karl Weber.
Turtle Lake, Turtle Lake Junior High: Molly Zemke.
Wilson, Spring Valley Elementary: Christopher Blegen.
Woodville, Viking Middle: Kerry Danielson, Gregory Lund.

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