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June 7, 2002

UW-RF Recognizes Employees' Service

Nearly 100 UW-River Falls faculty and staff were recently recognized for their length of service, which tallied more than 2,000 years at the institution.

Chancellor Ann Lydecker honored the recipients during a Service Recognition ceremony in May. Also recognized at the event were those who retired over the last academic year.

Lydecker saluted the honorees by noting, "You have proven through your words, deeds, and years of dedicated service that you care for others, and you have used your affections to touch many lives, and to improve life for those you have touched. We are privileged to work along side you and we have benefited from your shining example!"

Those recognized for 10, 15 or 20 years of service received a certificate. Faculty with more than 25 years of service received a medallion of the University's seal that is to be worn at formal events that require academic regalia. Classified staff with more than 25 years of service were presented with a paperweight that included the struck University seal.

Cited for 10 years of service were Davida J. Alperin, Jacklyn B. Bennett, Richard J. Cernohous, Keith L. Chavey, Jean M. DeLisle, Judith D. Emmett, Bernice Ficek-Swenson, Jeffrey J. Gartner, Lisa M. Isenberg, Kristine A. Jones, David T. Kuether, N. Curt LeMay, Valerie I. Malzacher, Kristi A. McKahan, Douglas P. Naylor, Barbara S. Nielsen, David L. Rustad, Jonathan R. Smits, Kathleen J. Sumter, Kathy A. Tomlinson, Susan M. Voelker and Ruth Ann P. Wood.

Cited for 15 Years of service were Earl D. Blodgett, Richard H. Bowen, Dale K. Braun, Jacqueline M. Brux, Kelly D. Cain, Colleen A. Callahan, Marilyn D. Duerst, Tracey L. Gladstone-Sovell, Margarita D. Hendrickson, Kurt E. Leichtle, David A. Peters, Linda K. Stary, Alan J. Tuchtenhagen, Fay E. Westberg.

Cited for 20 years of service were Arlyn D. Brackemyer, Virginia L. Brenna, Gayle A. Dodge, Paul A. Jantz, Anthony F. Jilek, Amy L. Johnson, Ruth A. Kalms, Gretchen A. Link, Stephen E. List, Jane M. Lubich, James L. Murphy, Carl B. Popelka, Thomas J. Russo, June M. Schubert, Kenneth P. Smith, Dean V. Speetzen, Donavon H. Taylor, Doris A. Wolf, Joyce H. Wynveen, Rita L. Zawislak-Brandt, Karla K. Zhe, Lauralee W. Zlogar.

Cited for 25 years of service were C. Bernardt Brohaugh, Clarke E. Garry, William H. Girnau III, Mary L. Halada, Thomas J. Hawk, Jean V.L. Hector Faley, Gerald E. Hildebrandt, Cecil R. Holerud, Nanette J. Jordahl, Richard L. Kathan, Joel K. Morrow, Alan E. Murray, Russell D. Peterson, Glenn T. Potts, Sherry L. Reis, James G. Thies, Margaret Thorne, Terry L. Willson, and Ronald L. Wilson

Those classified staff with more than 25 years of service and their years of service include Barbara Shank, 26 years; Myrna Brantmeier, Joy DeWyre, Debra Marek and Virgil Monroe, all 27 years; Alice Cernohous, Jerry Nelson and Steven Thompson, all 28 years; Rhoda Foley, 29 years, Marilyn Campbell and Patsy Lofgren, both 31 years; Sandra Crace, Gerald Neidermyer, and Gary Schock, all 32 years.

Faculty and staff with 30 years of service are Arthur E. Delforge and Mark E. Kimball.

Faculty and staff with 35 years of service are John J. Buschen, Ronald L. Neuhaus, Charles F. Owen and Lillian Tan.

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