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May 24, 2001

Seven Students Win UW-RF Chancellor's Award
By Jolene Bracy
UW-RF News Bureau

Chancellor Ann Lydecker granted the prestigious Chancellorıs Award to seven UW-River Falls students at a private reception in April. The event took place during Inauguration Week , a week of special activities on campus to celebrate the formal installation of Lydecker as the 14th chancellor at UW-RF.

The award, which is the highest non-academic award that a student can receive at UW-RF, recognizes outstanding commitment, leadership and service at the University. Students may receive the award only once during their undergraduate career.

This yearıs seven recipients are: Derek Anderson, Cambridge, Minn.; Rustin C. Callier, River Falls; David J. Chell, Frederic, Wis.; Tawana Hanamann, Appleton, Wis.; Rebecca Mathison, Woodville, Wis.; Leah Shliep, Zumbrota, Minn., and Paige Steele, Red Wing, Minn.

Derek Anderson is a senior majoring in English education. Anderson was nominated by Chris Tenold, area coordinator for the UW-RF Student Leadership Center.

As manager of Hathorn Hall, a campus residence hall, Andersonıs responsibilities included planning developmental activities, assisting in education programs, enforcing University policies, and facilitating meetings and administrative tasks.

Andersonıs leadership involvement includes summer registration staff and the summer concert series. He also created and coordinated the CoffeeHouse Music Series. He exhibits the excellent attitude, enthusiasm and motivation necessary to maintain a busy schedule and achieve high academic status.

Rustin C. Callier, is a senior majoring in land use planning. Qualities demonstrated by Callier include high personal and professional integrity, commitment to his family and generosity. Callier served in the Coast Guard from 1994-1997. He was nominated for the Chancellorıs Award by earth sciences Professor Kelly Cain.

Callier developed and implemented the first campus environmental audit, a benchmark study on the state of the UW-RF environment. He also initiated and completed an assessment of parking problems at the University. A proponent of"Green Architecture," Callier presented a program detailing the benefits to the chancellor and faculty, and to the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents during that body's visit to UW-RF in May.

Callier is a McNair Scholar who will actively pursuing both a masterıs and a doctoral degree under the auspices of the Federal McNair program.

David Chell is a senior majoring in math, secondary education. Kaye Schendel from the Student Leadership Center nominated Chell. He is a non-commissioned officer in the Minnesota Army National Guard. His other activities include the Student Senate and the InterFraternity Council, and the freshman orientation program "Common Experience for Freshmen," which he organized.

Chellıs leadership style and skills have had a positive effect on Greek life at the University. Under his direction as President of Theta Chi fraternity, it became the first fraternity on campus to be alcohol-free. The membership doubled under Chellıs term as president. He is a member of the National Order of Omega, the Greek honorary society.

Chell is the recipient of several scholarships, including the Marcel Lynum Scholarship and the Wanik Veteranıs Scholarship.

Tawana M. Hanamann is a senior majoring in animal science. Hanamann received her nomination from Dawn Gallinger, student activities director at the Student Leadership Center.

Hanamann is dedicated to academics, animals and the community. She volunteers time with such organizations as the Student Leadership Center, Campus and Community Clean-up, Alpha Sigma Alpha philanthropic committee, Childrenıs Miracle Network, Dance Marathon, Rainbow Corral Critters and Feline rescue of St. Paul.

Hanamann is admired by her peers for her honesty, work ethic and service to the community and the University.

Rebecca Mathison is a senior with a double major in horticulture and agricultural education. She was nominated by her adviser, Professor Terry Ferriss of the plant and earth science department, for her drive, determination and contagious enthusiasm.

Mathisonıs activities are many and varied. She participated in the development of new forestry manuals for the high schools, spent summer as a 4-H horticulture agent diagnosing plant problems, is a student member of the search and screen committee for the agricultural education department, and has held the offices of vice-president and secretary for Alpha Tau Alpha, the agricultural education society. Mathison also implemented pre-school and elementary learning opportunities, demonstrating her knowledge and ability to work with children.

Over the course of her college career, Mathison has received the Alpha Tau Alpha-Alpha Mu chapter scholarship and the Marcel Lynum, Marvin D. and Phyllis S. Thompson agriculture education scholarship, and three times she has received the Baldwin-Woodville FFA alumni scholarship.

Leah Schliep is a junior majoring in agricultural education. Professor Richard Jensen of agricultural education, nominated Shliep. She has distinguished herself by demonstrating a high degree of commitment and dedication to her work and her studies, and she demonstrates exceptional professionalism.

As a student assistant on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Agriculture Education Project, Schliep worked on the Forestry Manual Project. Her other volunteer projects include serving as president of Minnesota State FFA, reporting for Alpha Tau Alpha and membership in the UW-RF Dairy Club.

Schliep has received scholarships from Princess Kay of the Milky Way, FFA and Agriculture Education .

Paige Steele is a senior majoring in education. She received her nomination from Eric Dodge, student senate diversity issues director.

Steele, who plans to teach biology , was a motivating force in the Vote 1998 and Vote 2000 projects, which she organized to have greater student participation in elections. She has been characterized as giving 110 percent to all that she does. As a member of the Student Exchange Program, Steele attended the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Her excellent leadership skills have taken her to conferences for the U.S. Student Association Congress several times.

Steele is also a coordinator for Dance Marathon 2001, a Childrenıs Miracle Network fundraiser that raised over $15,000 for Gillette hospitals.

Each Chancellor's Award recipient received a certificate of recognition and a medallion, cast in antique bronze, depicting the universityıs official seal. A replica of the Chancellorıs Medallion, the award is about two inches in diameter and hangs from a red ribbon. -30-

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