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Three faculty members in the UW-River Falls College of Arts and Sciences have been recognized for their dedication to student advising with the Outstanding Adviser Award. Recipients of the award are: Professor Sandra Ellis for arts and humanities; Professor Travis Tubre' for the social sciences; and Professor Karl Peterson for sciences and mathematics.

Dean Gordon Hedahl said the award recognizes the importance of advising to ensure that students make timely and reliable progress toward earning their degrees, obtaining internships and finding employment after they graduate. Said Hedahl, "The students on the dean's advisory committee created the award and made the selections. This year, approximately 50 students took time to nominate faculty members from the College. I certainly support their efforts, and I am happy to provide public recognition for the extremely important role our faculty play in guiding and mentoring our students through their academic careers."

Journalism Professor Sandy Ellis was cited in the category for arts and humanities. Among the student comments were: "Sandy is willing to go the extra mile and really get to know the students she advises. She is available for career, life, family and school advice. That's what makes her such a wonderful person and fantastic adviser to students."

Another student wrote, "I experienced personal problems that interfered with my work at school. Instead of lecturing me, Dr. Ellis listened. She never pressured me to do what I didn't want to do, but did make suggestions for how to go about helping myself. I had no idea where to start, and without her I may not have started the process at all." Another said, "She is so committed to students that she has helped students who aren't even her advisees. You won't find a more deserving professor on this campus!"

A member of the faculty since 1997, Ellis teaches all of the broadcast journalism courses plus mass media writing, history of documentary, documentary production and computer assisted reporting. She also supervises the news department for campus radio station WRFW, and NewsCenterU, the weekly TV newscast that airs over the University's cable access channel.

Psychology Professor Travis Tubre' was recognized in the division for sciences and mathematics. Among the student comments were, "He encourages me, provides me with relevant advice, makes sure I am staying on the right track to graduation, and has many connections with people in my business field, so he is able to give me real-life opportunities. He has taken a lot of time out of his schedule to get me an internship and help me begin to network."

Another student wrote, "Dr. Tubre has become a huge part of who I have become at this university. There are usually several students in his office asking questions or just talking. I know students who go in once a semester to see their adviser. This is absolutely not the case with Dr. Tubre'. He knows his students well, and is extremely helpful in making sure that they get the best education they can."

Tubre' joined the faculty at UW-RF in 2001. He teaches general psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, psychological measurement and the psychology of human sexuality. His research on the topics of training and development, personnel selection and work-related stress is regularly published in scholarly journals and trade publications. Tubre' also co-advises the Psychology Society and the UW-RF student chapter of the Society for Human Resources Management.

Chemistry Professor Karl Peterson was selected in the division for sciences and mathematics. Students who nominated him commented: "Dr. Peterson made a genuine effort to get to know me. I hadn't really expected this from any University staff, having had older siblings and both parents tell me that college is generally a cold and impersonal experience."

Another student wrote, " Aside from helping me work out a class schedule, Dr. Peterson told me a lot of things that I should expect after graduation, such as getting into graduate school and applying for internships. I found his advice very helpful and I appreciate that his door always seems to be open. I think it's great that I was lucky enough to have such a dedicated adviser, and I hope if he wins this award it will encourage him to keep doing a great job."

A member of the faculty since 1999, Peterson teaches general chemistry lecture and discussion, organic chemistry lecture and laboratory, and advanced organic chemistry. He has also taught the chemical communications and research seminar. Peterson is a faculty adviser to the chemistry club and the Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity. He has been a mentor to 20 undergraduate research students.

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