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Student Awarded Research Grant
By Karyn Nelson
UW-RF News Bureau

University of Wisconsin-River Falls biotechnoloy student Jeremy King, a senior from Waukesha, was recently awarded the Minnesota Chromatography Forum Research Award for undergraduates. The annual award provides $4,000 for a student to conduct a one-year research project.

King's winning proposal, titled "Development of a HPLC-ECD Method for Flavonoids in Cord Blood," was for a grant to study flavonoids in umbilical cord blood and their relation to childhood leukemia.

"The question to be addressed in this study is whether the levels of flavonoids in human umbilical cord blood can be correlated to the likelihood of children developing leukemia," said King. "Flavonoids are typically viewed as chemoprotective agents. In some cases, however, they may act as the catalyst in the development of childhood leukemia."

For his research, King will use samples that have already been obtained by University of Minnesota researchers from mothers whose children suffer from leukemia. He will use high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and electrochemical detection (ECD) to analyze the cord blood.

The research project is the first attempt at measuring flavonoids in cord blood. UW-RF Chemistry Professor Danial Marchand is King’s research adviser.


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