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April 19, 2002

UW-RF Professor Appointed to Minnesota News Council

UW-RF journalism Professor Patricia Berg has been appointed to the Minnesota News Council, a 24-member panel that hears complaints against the news media. She is the first Wisconsin resident in the 32-year history of the organization to be appointed to the Council.

According to Gary Gilson, executive director of the Council, Berg is one of seven new members of the public and the news media elected to the Council. The Council is composed of 12 members from the media and 12 from the public.

Members are nominated by the membership committee and elected by the News Council for a three-year term. Each member represents himself or herself only, and not any organization they are associated with.

Said Berg, "I'm honored to participate in the News Council. In this region we're fortunate to have the Minnesota News Council to help build a bridge between the news industry and audiences on both sides of the Mississippi.

"What news is, how it is reported, and how people view journalists‹these are so important to a democratic society. The News Council's work helps us to get to a better understanding of these issues, and I'm looking forward to being part of that work."

A Prescott resident, Berg serves as advisor to the Student Voice, the campus newspaper, and teaches courses on media writing, news reporting, international communication and public opinion. Prior to teaching, she was Wisconsin correspondent for the St. Paul Pioneer Press and an occasional commentator for Minnesota Public Radio.

The mission of the Minnesota News Council is to promote fairness and freedom of expression in the news media through responsible reporting and editing. The Council encourages the public to become more knowledgeable and demanding consumers of news, and to hold the media accountable for stories they produce.

Complete information on the News Council's case determinations, articles and a schedule of events can be found on the Internet at

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