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March 30, 2001

UW-RF Student Wins Car on "The Price is Right"

UW-River Falls student Kyrstin Bodenburg went to a track meet in California over spring break to run a meet with the UW-RF womenıs track team, then went on to win a brand new Ford Focus on the CBS game show, "The Price is Right." Bodenburg, a junior who is majoring in elementary education, is from Elk Mound, Wis.

Apparently, Bodenburg was on a winning streak. Her team won its track meet at Laverne University, in the Los Angeles area. Then, on Saturday, March 21, the entire team went for the taping of "The Price is Right." Bodenburg was the only person from the team who was chosen to be a contestant, and she became the big winner for the day.

Bodenburg said the show itself is only one hour long, but the advance preparation took most of the day. "The audience was divided into groups of 20 people," she said. "The producer asked each of us to tell about ourselves, so I said I was there with the track team. He kept mispronouncing my name and I kept correcting him. Maybe thatıs why he remembered me."

The show began with Bodenburg and other contestants bidding on prizes. After winning that round, she went on the stage alone to play a dice game for the car. There were pictures of cars on the dice, and she had three chances to roll five "cars." She did it on two rolls.

"I jumped up and down and screamed, and I hugged Bob Barker," Bodenburg said. " I was so excited. I have never won anything like this before."

The show is scheduled to air Friday, April 20, on CBS. A nearby Ford dealer will contact Bodenburg to arrange for the delivery of her new car.

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