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March 28, 2001

Panel to Discuss Future of St. Croix Vallry at UW-RF

Regional planning agencies in Wisconsin and the Metropolitan Council from Minnesota will share their long-range plans for the area in a panel discussion on "The St. Croix Valley of the Future" on Thursday, April 26.

Sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-River Falls School of Business & Economics, the forum is set for 2 p.m. in the Blue Room of Rodli Commons. The event is part of a week-long celebration prior to the inauguration of Chancellor Ann Lydecker on Saturday, April 28. It is free and open to the public.

"The panel will provide a forum at which key planners for the St. Croix Valley can give each other an update on what they are doing, and share the priorities and concerns that are unique to their particular areas, " said Jacque Foust, associate director, School of Business and Economics, and chair, department of business administration.

County planners from Polk, St. Croix, Pierce and Pepin counties in Wisconsin will participate in the discussion. Panelists include David M. Rasmussen, Polk County planner, Balsam Lake; Andy Pichatta, Pierce County planner, Ellsworth; David Fodroczi, St. Croix planner, Hudson; Greg Flogstad, director, Mississippi River Regional Planning Commission, LaCrosse; Jerry Chasteen, director, West Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, Eau Claire; and a representative from Pepin County.

Marc Hugunin, vice-chair at the Metropolitan Council in St. Paul, will also participate as a panelist. Because population statistics for Pierce and St. Croix counties are included in the metropolitan statistical area, the Council is interested in learning their plans for the future.

Panelists to discuss how they project the rate of economic growth, inflation and population. Among other things, he wants the planners to consider the impact of their plans on the quality of life in the area. They will be asked to respond to questions such as, "How much will we pay for taxes and services?" and, "How will the planned development affect the environment, particularly the air and water, and will there be noise pollution?"

Customers of the planning agencies are invited to the discussion, including planning commissioners, city council members, school boards, banks, emergency services and realtors, as well as the general public.

The event is scheduled for 2-4 p.m., and it will include a discussion period, with time allowed for questions and answers.

For more information, contact Foust at 715/425-3335 or visit the web at

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