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Feb. 20, 2004

UW-RF Celebrates Research, Arts and Scholarship

From using humor in the classroom, to determining how geography plays a role in the selection of Wisconsin high school mascot names, to measuring the universe through research in Antartica, to mothering a child with Down's Syndrome.

These are some of the range of topics in the arts, humanities, sciences, social sciences, business and education that faculty, staff and students at UW-River Falls have pursued during the past year.

A reception will be held Feb. 24 to celebrate their research, scholarship and creative activities of more than 100 faculty, staff and students.

The reception will be held in the Chalmer Davee Library Atrium from 3-4:30 p.m. It is free and open to the public.

Papers, journal articles, books, visual art works and materials pertinent to successful grant requests, produced by faculty and staff in 2003, will be displayed.

The honored works are important because they represent the work faculty and staff members produce outside the classroom that enriches the campus and the community.

The event is sponsored by the Chalmer Davee Library, the UW-RF office of the provost and the UW-RF office of grants and research.

Participants and their projects are listed by college:

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences:

Plant and Earth Science: Robert W. Baker, published abstract titled "Classroom Humor as a Tool for Engaging Students in Large College-level Introductory Geology Classes," and funded grant, "Contemporary Science for Cross-Over Agricultural Education Teachers. Kelly Cain, funded grant in collaboration with Campus Planner Dale Braun, "Wisconsin Green Building Alliance Conference." Dennis Cosgrove, funded grants, "Nutrient Management Planning for Dairy Farms Practicing Rotational Grazing," "Yugoslavia Dairy Forage & Feeding Program" and "Romanian Young Dairy Scientist Program." Terry Ferriss, academic posters, in collaboration with students Mark Konlock, Kurt Hulett and Greg Ruskell, "An Example of Meeting Storm Water Ordinances with Native Plantings." Lanny Neel, Terry Ferris and Brian Smith, academic poster, "Business Management Training for Horticulture Students." Brian Smith, funded grants, "Determination of Profitability Potential of New Raspberry Cultivars in Wisconsin," "Raspberry Breeding: the Development of New Commercial Cultivars for the Wisconsin Grower" and "Plum Breeding—the Development of New Adapted Commercial Cultivars for the Wisconsin Grower" and proposed grant, "Raspberry Cultivar Development for the Midwest Grower."

Animal and Food Science: Larry Baumann and Steven Kelm, funded grant, "Evaluating stage of lactation and pooled sample effects for Johne's tests utilizing fecal culture." Perry Clark, funded grants, "Preference Evaluations of Three Dairy Mineral Flavors Added to a Standard Dairy Mineral Trial (Trial No. 1)" and "Effect of Added Water or Wet Molasses on Selective Consumption (Sorting) or Tmr Diets by Dairy Cattle." Dennis Cooper, funded grants, "Yugoslavia Dairy Forage & Feeding Program" and "Romanian Young Dairy Scientist Program." Ranee May, proposed grant, "Development of an On-Line Sanitation Course for Wisconsin Cheesemakers." Gary Onan, proposed grant in collaboration with Tim Lyden, department of biology, "Development of Practical Laboratory Experience in Data Generation & Handling within the UW-RF Anatomy & Physiology Curriculum." Purnendu C. Vasavada, funded grant, "United States Department of Agriculture Cochran: Biotechnology/Food Safety Grant."

Agricultural Economics: Brenda Boetel, funded grant, "Development of a Business and Marketing Plan for Western Wisconsin Renewable Energy Cooperative." Gregg Hadley, funded grant, "Puente Program;" Gerald Nolte and Nate Splett, academic poster, "Business Management Training for Horticulture Students;"

Dean Steve Ridley, funded grant, "UW-RF Research Internship Program," and proposed grant, "Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board Projects."

College of Arts and Sciences:

History and Philosophy: Betty Bergland, international conference paper, " Missionary Conquest and Norwegian Migration: Contexts of the Bethany Indian Mission in Wittenberg, Wisconsin." Edward N. Peterson, monograph, "The Limits of Police Power: The Magdeburger Stasi 1953-89."

Physics: Earl Blodgett, proposed grant, "American Association of Physics Teachers/Physics Teaching Resource Agents Rural Regional Center at UW-RF." Eileen Korenic, proposed grant, "Contemporary Physics for Teachers." James Madsen and Glenn Spiczak, articles, "Calibration and Survey of AMANDA with the SPASE Detectors. The SPASE Collaboration and the AMANDA Collaboration," "Limits on Diffuse Fluxes of High Energy Extraterrestrial Neutrinos with the AMANDA-B10 Detector," "Limits to the Muon Flux from WIMP Annihilation in the Center of the Earth with the AMANDA Detector," "Measurement of the Cosmic Ray Composition at the Knee with the SPASE-2/AMANDA B10 Detectors," "Muon Track Reconstruction and Data Selection Techniques in AMANDA," "Observation of High Energy Atmospheric Neutrinos with the Antarctic Muon and Neutrino Detector Array," "Search for Neutrino-Induced Cascades with the AMANDA Detector" and " Sensitivity of the IceCube Detector to Astrophysical Sources of High Energy Muon Neutrinos," funded grant, "IceCube Startup Project" and proposed grant, "Engaging Students & Educators with Cosmic Rays."

English: Terry Brown, funded grant, in collaboration with Connie Foster, dean of College of Education and Professional Studies, "Planning for UW-RF and Partners Elementary and Secondary Education Act Proposal, 2003." Steve Luebke, literary essay, "Bayou." James Mulvey, article, "Reexamining the Structure of Hemingway's 'The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife'." Ruth Wood and Laura Zlogar, funded grant, "Multicultural Education in the English/Language Arts Classroom."

Psychology: Brad Caskey and Travis Tubré, monograph, "Practical Solutions Manual for Nairne's Psychology: The Adaptive Mind." Travis Tubré, in collaboration with Winfred Arthur, Jr., Don S. Paul and Pamela S. Eden, article, "Teaching Effectiveness: The Relationship Between Reaction and Learning Evaluation Criteria."

Art: Morgan Clifford, collaborative weavings. Steven Derfler, article, "The Byzantine Church at Tel Keriot and Religious Iconoclasm in the 8th Century CE" and CD-ROM, "Jerusalem: 3000 Years of Holiness." David Heberlein, selenium toned, silver gelatin photographs, Piece No. 1, "Quail Ridge Development, River Falls, Wis.-June 2003," Piece No. 2, ""Great Oaks Development, Eagan, Minn.-April 1993," Piece No. 3, "Great Oaks Development, Eagan, Minn.-May 2003." Lynn Jermal, mixed media drawing, "Rooster." Randy Johnston, ceramic pieces; Michael Padgett, low temperature ceramic whiteware, "Bird Bowl."

Mathematics: Kathryn Ernie, funded grant in collaboration with Thea Dunn, department of teacher education, "Enhancing Mathematics Teaching and Learning in Diverse Classrooms: Virtual Observations, Critical Reflections, and Culturally-based Curriculum Materials." Laurel Langford, funded grant in collaboration with Thea Dunn, department of teacher education, "Enhance Student Understanding in Core Subjects through Problem-based Learning, Performance Assessment & Technology Integration."

Geography and Mapping Sciences: Marguerite Forest, funded grants, "High Resolution Air Photos for Analyzing Rural Land Cover and Land Use Changes on Haida Gwaii, British Columbia" and "GPS Equipment and Software for Complex Data Collection and High Accuracy Mapping." John Happen, articles, "Racial and Social Diversity and United States Presidential Election Regions," and with John and D. Mesyanzhinov, "Political Geography and Regionalism in Louisiana: The Impact of the French Influence in the Post-World War II Era." Donald E. Petzold, articles, "When I Was Young . . .Perceptions of Past Winters by Elderly Residents of Northwest Wisconsin" and with student Micah A. Zietler, "Lions and Tigers and Bears—The Geographical Significance of Wisconsin Public High School Nicknames."

Biology: Clarke Garry, funded grant, "Project Assistant Funding for Kinnickinnic River Macroinvertebrate Survey," proposed grant, "Proposal for Archive Materials in Support of Kinnickinnic River Macroinvertebrate Diversity Survey." Douglas Johnson, funded grant, "The UW-RF Teaching Scholars Program." Karen Klyczek, in collaboration with David Rusterholz, department of chemistry, proposed grant, "Merck American Association for the Advancement of Science Grant." Tim Lyden, faculty/student collaborative posters, "Localization of cavolin-1 and cytoskeletal elements in cultured primary placental endothelial cells," with Curtis Thacker, "Determination of placental trophoblast cellular differentiation-state through DAPI staining and image analysis," with Chris Knoop, "Tubulin cytoskeletal changes observed during retroviral envelope protein-mediated syncytial cell formation," and "Observations from syncytial cell formation provide evidence in support of the 'tensengrity' model of cellular architecture." with Michael Salmela, "Application of immunoassay techniques to address the question of retroviral envelope protein immuno-crossreactivity," with Emily Genal, and proposed grant, "Formative & Summative Assessment of Student Understanding in Introductory Biology."

Speech Communication and Theatre Arts: Patricia Hanson, monograph, "The Five Goodbyes, Mothering My Child with Down Syndrome." Robin Murray, funded grant in collaboration with Mary Manke, associate dean of the College of Education and Professional Studies, and Peter Johansson, department of modern language, "High Quality Professional Development at a Distance: Enhancing Teacher Quality & Student Learning Through Content, Performance Assessment & Reading & Writing in the Content Area." Barbara Lynn Werner, articles, "Mentoring and Administrative Opportunities: Reflections on an Internship" and "Education Can Help Students to Find Their Voice," written by Sarah Gibbard Cook with Werner as featured subject.

Chemistry: Michael Kahlow, proposed grant in collaboration with Lawrence Que, Jr., of the University of Minnesota, "Initial Events and Electron Transfer in the Reaction of Ribonucleotide Reductase R2 with Dioxygen." Daniel H. Marchand, article with L.A. Williams, J.W. Dolan and L. R. Snyder, "Equilibration of Reversed-phase Columns for the Separation of Ionized Solutes." Karl Peterson, funded grant, "Synthesis of Incarfvillateine and Analogs."

College of Business and Economics:

Economics: Jackie Brux, academic poster, "Underrepresented United States Students and International Study," and funded grant, "International Enhancement of the College of Business and Economics." Janna Cowen and John Walker, academic paper, "Do Women Seeking Flexible Work Choose Unincorporated Self-Employment?" Dawn Hukai, academic paper in collaboration with Claire Kilian, department of business administration, "This Bud's For You!" Pascal Ngoboka and Brian Schultz, article, "The Effects of Class Size on Student Academic Performance in a Principles of Microeconomics Course." Glenn Potts, academic paper, "Transparency of Monetary Policy and Equity Market Volatility."

Business Administration: Charles Corcoran, article, "The Economics of the Auto Purchase Decision.";Jacque Foust, Claire Kilian and Darryl Miller, academic paper, "Cheese Anyone?" Brian Huffman, proposed grant, "The UW-RF Entrepreneurship Program." Claire Kilian, monograph with Edwin Leonard and Raymond Hilgert, "Labor Agreement Negotiations," academic paper with Edwin Leonard and Roy Cook, "The Positive Suggestion Box," and academic paper with Edwin Leonard, "What Will It Take to Motivate Callie Michaels?" Darryl W. Miller, articles "Classifying Services by Tangibility/Intangibility of Attributes and Benefits," "Comparing the Effects of a Photograph versus Artistic Renditions of a Beach Scene in a Direct-Response Print Ad for a Caribbean Resort Island: A Mental Imagery Perspective" with Michael Stoica, and "New Technology Adoption, Business Strategy and Government: The Case of Mobile Commerce." Rudy Pinola, monograph in collaboration with Reza Rahgozar, "Privatization and Valuation Methods." Reza Rahgozar, articles in collaboration with Hossein Najafi, department of computer science and information systems, "An Empirical Comparison of Hedging Models in Managing Oil Revenue Risk," and "Effect of Diversification on Managing Revenue and Risk: An Empirical Analysis Using Crude Oil Futures Markets." and international conference paper, "Managing Crude Oil Price Risk: An Empirical Comparison of Hedging Models."

Computer Science and Information Systems: Anthony Varghese, article with David R. Piper, Michael C. Sanguinetti and Martin Tristani-Firouzi, "Gating Currents Associated with Intramembrane Charge Displacement in HERG Potassium Channels."

Dean Barbara Nemecek, funded grant, "The UW-RF Small Business Development Center Program for Calendar Year 2004."

College of Education and Professional Studies:

Health and Human Performance: Debra A. Allyn, article with Lisa K. Herb of UW-Eau Claire, "The Effect of Sport Specific Training on Volleyball Players' Internal/External Shoulder Rotation," and academic poster with Teri Crotty, department of teacher education, "Assessing Learning Outcomes with Electronic Portfolios." Susan Tarr, funded grant, "PK-16 Initiative."

Social Work: Jennifer Borup, funded grant, "Foster Parent In-Service Training Pilot."

Teacher Education: Teri Crotty, international conference paper with Brenda Shearer, department of reading education at UW-Oshkosh, "Benefits of International Cultural Immersion for Pre-Service Teachers." Thea K. Dunn, monograph, "Facilitating a Disposition to Teach Mathematics for Diversity: Engaging Teachers in Critical Reflection" and refereed article, "Challenging the Vestiges of Past Subjugation: Influences of Educational Reforms in Namibia on Teachers' Beliefs and Instructional Practices." Stephanie Harty, funded grant, "Gender Based Literacy Grouping." Margaret Yatsevitch Phinney, article with Kristine K. Fortman, Robert O. Fisch and Terese A. De For, "Books and Babies: Clinical-based Literacy Programs" and children's picture book, "A Trip to the City." Geoffrey Scheurman, funded grant/culminated project, "Still Searching for America: Conversations on National Identity Grant: Freedom to . . . Freedom from." Counseling and School Psychology: Judith Emmett, article with licensed school counselor Jacqueline Mosconi, "Effects of Values Clarification Curriculum on High School Students' Definitions of Success."

Associate Dean Mary Manke, funded grants, "Developing Productive K-16 Partnerships." and "Developing Teacher Leaders in Technology Integration." and proposed grant, "Improving Teacher Education through Partnerships in Technology Integration."

Administrative, Academic and Classified Staff:

Dean of Students Roger Ballou article, "Alfred Adler and His 1937 Lectures at the Historic St. Paul Women's City Club."Kathy Bartelt, Small Business Development Center, funded grant, "Small Business Administration Support. Carmen Boortz, University Outreach, funded grant, "College for Kids and Teen University." Carolyn J. Brady, Admissions Office, artwork; Todd Digby, Chalmer Davee Library Automation Librarian, article, "Where Does That Electronic Resource Fit on the Library Web Page?" Rachel Perry Evju, Office of University Advancement, dance piece choreographed in 2003/video, "Andante." Phil George, Academic Success Center, funded grant, "UW-RF Student Support Services Grant." Justin Hauer, Academic Success Center, funded grants in collaboration with Lisa White, "UW-RF College Camp Proposal for Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Precollege Minority Scholarship Program," and "UW-RF Explore Program Proposal for Wisconsin DPI Precollege Minority Scholarship Program." Jill Moe, Upward Bound program, funded grants, "Building K-12 Student Success and Teacher Education Student Quality through Service Learning," and "The UW-RF Expansion Initiatives Supplement." Debbie Ryan, the C.H.I.L.D. Center Daycare, funded grant, "The C.H.I.L.D. Center." Karen Ryan, Educational Technology Center, funded grant, "Vital Issues in Virtual Assemblies." Gary S. Smith, Information Technology Services, science fiction novel, "Random Sample." Keven Syverson, Student Health Services, funded grant, "Drug-free Communities Support Program." and Laura Walsh, UW Extension Programs in Agriculture and Natural Resources, funded grant, "Puentes Program."


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