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January 15, 2001

State OKS $503,000 for UW-RF Residence Hall Windows

The Wisconsin State Building Commission has approved a request to spend $503,000 for the replacement of windows in Parker and Crabtree residence halls, located at the east end of the UW-River Falls campus.

Parker and Crabtree Halls are identical buildings, each providing living accommodations for 266 students. The windows to be replaced were installed at the time of original construction in 1967.

Each building contains 169 double-hung windows, 16 fixed-pane windows, and 16 slide-by windows. According to Campus Planner Dan Braun, the new units will be single-hung, aluminum-frame, insulated glass windows with full-size exterior screens.

Braun said also that security screens will be installed on all windows at the basement and first-floor levels, to enhance the safety of students. Parker Hall is designated all female, and Crabtree Hall is male and female.

The project is part of an ongoing maintenance program to extend the useful life of the nine residence halls on campus. To ensure that adequate student housing is available during the school year, the window replacement is scheduled for the spring and summer months of 2002 and 2003.

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