UWRF Involvement

The international IceCube project is a collaborative effort involving 15 U.S. groups together with partners from Belgium, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, and The United Kingdom. They are working to better understand some of the most energetic events in the universe. UW-River Falls is one of two undergraduate schools involved. This gives UWRF physics students an opportunity to participate in cutting edge research.
UW-River Fall’s contributions to the project include:

  • initial IceCube detector performance analysis
  • designing and fabricating sunshades for IceTop tanks
  • deploying IceTop tanks at the South Pole
  • designing/producing/implementing a muon trigger to characterize IceTop tanks
  • simulating high energy cosmic rays to study the IceTop detector performance.

Students have worked on IceCube projects at UW-River Falls, UW-Madison, University of Delaware, Stockholm, and Uppsala Universities in Sweden and at the South Pole!  Summer projects for students have included

  • preparation for the Oden Cruise
  • assisting with production and characterization of the Swedish Bubble Camera
  • characterization of IceTop tanks
  • light propagation in ice studies using a graphics processor instead of a cpu
  • simulating high-energy cosmic rays.