UWRF IceCube Photo Gallery


The goal of this gallery is to provide up-to-date information about UWRF’s involvement in the IceCube project. We hope that these photos will demonstrate the excitement that surrounds the IceCube project not only within UWRF, but internationally throughout the collaboration. It should be evident that the IceCube project is not simply a high technology research project, but an opportunity for students and teachers across the globe to interact and learn from each other.


Ready to Fill Tank Gallery - The Oden Cruise IceTop tank in its final stages.
Post 2008 Gallery - Photos of work conducted before 2008.
Upward Bound Gallery 1 - The first half of photos representing a successful Upward Bound Program.
Upward Bound Gallery 2 - The remaining photos not included in Gallery 1.
Official IceCube Galleries - Visit the photo galleries on the offical IceCube website.