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UW-River Falls Foundation Announces $64,000 in Support of Student and Faculty Grants

UW-River Falls Foundation Board Chairman Jeff McCardle announced grant awards to faculty who submitted proposals for consideration and summer stipend awards for students for students conducting on-campus research this summer.

Faculty grant proposals were evaluated on how support would improve the quality of education students receive, improve teaching performance, enhance research, advance the stature of the university, college, and department, expand the faculty member's body of knowledge, add to the faculty-student experience, and assist in developing community-university partnerships and collaborations. The following faculty received grants:

Dr. Debra Allyn

Health & Human Performance

Supports the purchase of Digital Motion Analysis System

Dr. Bill Anderson

Dr. Roger Swanson,

Dr. Don Taylor

Plant & Earth Science

Support for the implementation of laboratory exercises for Geology 202 - Oceanography

Dr. Bill Cordua

Plant & Earth Science

Support for the implementation of laboratory exercises for Geology 202 - Oceanography

Dr. Sandy Ellis


Support for new broadcast journalism equipment including TV News Photography and Documentary Production.

Dr. Lynn Jermal


Support for essential instructional technology needed for classes in the art education lab and document off-site creative research projects

Dr. Steve Kelm

Animal & Food Science

Support for study on dairy production management

Dr. Matthew Vonk


Support for a research grade digital camera system for astronomy research

Support for student summer research will provide the opportunity for students to be engaged in projects that apply their learned analytical and creative tools to a genuine problem, design a way to answer it, and defend their answers before their peers and faculty. The following Students will receive summer stipends:

Katherine Phalen - Somerset, WI
Abstract Title: The Synthesis of meta-Chloro- and meta-Bromo- Analogs of Capsaicin: Potential New Analgesic Agents

Brooke Shepherd - LaCrosse, WI
Abstract Title: Reviewing for Exams: Do Crossword Puzzles help in the Success of Student Learning?

Nathan Wilber - River Falls, WI
Abstract Title: Diverse Workforce Acceptance on Western Wisconsin Dairy Farms and Communities

Britanny Brenner - Ellsworth, WI
Abstract Title: Synthesis of halogenated N-acylated aromatic amines and capsaicin receptor antagonist.