Supposed we have already used the DNA menu to open one more file ("DNA BRCA1 normal.gen" - a normal control), and then clicked the Run button to run the PCR procedure for this fragement. We now have PCR products from three different DNA sequences (from Elizabeth, from the 185 mutation, and from the normal BRCA sequence).

NOTE: With the latest version of the simulation (Case It v5.03), you can run PCR on all of the DNA samples simultaneously, rather than doing it one sample at a time as described previously. The procedure for doing this is explained in the Multiplex PCR part of this tutorial, but it works even if you are not doing Multiplex PCR (that is, it works regardless of the number of primer sets per primer file). Multiplex PCR is a also a new feature of the software, and is demonstrated using a new Salmonella case.

To avoid confusion, you might want to continue with the Dot Blot procedure below, which uses PCR products generated from the Breast Cancer case, then come back to the Multiplex PCR procedure later (their is a link directly to the Multiplex PCR tutorial on the Case It home page)..

We are now ready to run the Dot Blot procedure on these DNA samples. Click the "ELISA Dot blot 96wPCR " button on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, as shown at the bottom of the screen shot below...