This is a tutorial for Case It! Version 5.0, not the actual simulation. See the download page for information on obtaining the simulation, which is available at no cost for educational use.

Three navigation buttons appear on each screen of this tutorial, as shown below. "Home" always takes you to the Case It home page, whereas the "Back" button takes you to the previous screen of the tutorial (not to be confused with the "Back" button of your web browser). The "Back" button of your web browser will also prove useful for navigation, especially if you follow links to different parts of the tutorial and want to return to where you were.

If you were using the actual simulation, you would begin by locating the "Case It v5" program in the Case It folder, similar to the one shown below. Click either the icon below or the "Next" button above to begin the tutorial...

IMPORTANT: For the Windows version of the software, do not remove the "Options.txt" or "Xtras" folders from the folder containing the executable file (first graphic below). The Macintosh version does not need an "Xtras" folder, but it does need the "Options" text file in the same folder as the Case It 5 application (second graphic below).