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This section provides recommendations for future campus audits.  

Future Audit Recommendations
· Campus Design - Is UW-RF implementing environmental planning when planning for the future?

· Campus Growth - How much is the campus growing each year?

· Transportation and Parking - What is being done to reduce transportation to and from campus or what initiatives are there to improve parking? 

· Paths (walking and biking) - Are campus paths useful and well used or are they troublesome and unaccommodating? 

· Composting - Is the campus composting project working and being used to its full potential? 

· Procurement Policies - Is UW-River Falls buying recycled products and becoming an environmentally sustainable campus that is aware of where its supplies come from?

· Workplace Environment - Is there enough natural light to keep students, faculty, and staff happy?  Do people enjoy going to work?  Are there programs in place to keep students, faculty, and staff active in the campus community?

· Hazardous Materials and Waste - Where does hazardous waste go, and how much is produced? 

· Pest Control - What is done to bats, rats, bugs, etc., and is it environmentally friendly?

· Environmental Education - What efforts are being done to educate the campus community? Are they working? 

This is just a short list of some audits that could be done on campus. There is no such thing as an insignificant audit. If an auditor can find merit in what it is they are looking at auditing, then it should be respected. I encourage anyone who has an interest in auditing any part of the UW-River Falls campus to e-mail Kelly Cain to see how you can help. 

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