University of Wisconsin-River Falls Environmenal Audit

University of Wisconsin-River Falls Campus Environmental Audit

This is an archival web site related to campus sustainability.

The UW-River Falls campus environmental audit will help create a more informed campus that is better able to implement environmentally friendly policies and practices. The intent of this audit is to provide resource consumption data and use it to educate student, faculty and staff about how they can make changes that will lead UW-River Falls down the road toward environmental sustainability and sustainable development. Being a pioneer in the University of Wisconsin system, UW-River Falls is the first university with a functional auditing system.


Resource Consumption Charts

Shows resource usage from 1994-present in the areas of recycling, electricity, and water consumption. This section will be updated annually to better inform students and faculty about the campuses path toward being environmentally sustainable and provide a means to determine whether resource conservation measures are successful.

* Enrollment

Provides campus enrollment statistics from 1994-present. Includes both Full Time Equivalency (FTE) numbers and headcounts of full- and part-time undergraduate and graduate students and faculty FTE numbers.

* Full Report

Provides the full report on the purpose of the project, the methodology for data collection, recommendations for future audits, analysis of the data, and a discussion and conclusion about what I learned while conducting this audit.

* Email Responses and Contacts

This section is for anyone with comments regarding making the campus more sustainable. Anyone who wants to request information or voice a concern about campus sustainability is welcome to do so. Please send all responses to Dr. Kelly Cain, Plant and Earth Science Department.

* Related Sites

This section provides links to sites related to environmental audits.


* Recommendations

This section provides recommendations for future campus audits.


*  Audit

Questions asked to gain needed information to provide the necessary benchmarks for the campus to gear its progress toward environmental sustainability for years to come. This form will be sent annually to applicable campus faculty to obtain the previous years data. The data will be added to existing resource consumption charts or new charts will be created.

  *  Frequently Asked Questions

This section will answer some common questions people have when looking at an environmental audit. Such as, what is environmental sustainability, why should I be concerned, and what can individuals do to help.


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