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What is Voyager?

Voyager is the name of the UW-River Falls online library catalog. This catalog includes holding records for the majority of the collections housed in the River Falls ARC and University Archives.

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What is ArCat?

ArCat is the online catalog of the Wisconsin Historical Society's Archives Division. ArCat includes the holding records for all ARC records housed statewide including those at the River Falls ARC. ArCat does not include holding records for University Archives collections.

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Getting Started—

To search for archival records in the UW-River Falls Voyager library catalog, get started from the library's homepage by clicking on “Books and…”

 A Guided Keyword search is a step-by-step method for building searches and is the recommended approach in searching for archival collections. Click on Guided Keyword under the Search the UW-RF Library Catalog heading.

Voyager Guided Keyword screen

 The Area Research Center's collections are only a small portion of the records contained in the Voyager Catalog therefore it is best to limit your search to retrieve only archival collections.

Use the “Limits” icon to set your Location as “Archives.” It is NOT recommended to use the “Item Type” limiter set to “Archive/Manuscript.” Clicking on “Set Limits returns you to the Guided Keyword Search screen.


 Due to the nature of archival collections it is best to use broad search terms. Broad terms are usually more successful and can always be narrowed if the initial result is too large. It is also NOT recommended to search by title as archival records are often given generic titles, such as papers, essays, or correspondence.

 Truncation is a useful search tool. Truncating a word will retrieve any variant of the root word being searched by simply placing a question mark at the end of the root word. Let's say you are interested in school records. Putting in a truncated version “school?” will retrieve records containing school, schools, or schooling.

 Making use of Subject Headings is another helpful tool for finding materials, particularly when you are unsure of specific collections that address your area of interest. Subject headings, such as reminiscences, diaries, genealogies, manuscript collection, university records, or local government records, are clickable topical descriptors assigned to each record to classify the general contents of a particular collection. Clicking on a subject heading will bring you a new set of records, all of which fall under that particular subject category. For example, within the Voyager record for Women Remember the War, 1941-1945, is the subject heading “Oral History.” Clicking on “Oral History” will show you a list of all the records in Voyager that are categorized as an oral history.

Note: It should be noted that clicking directly on a subject heading voids your previous limiters (such as “Location: Archives”) and searches the entire Voyager catalog. To avoid this occurrence, enter the desired subject heading directly into a search box instead of clicking on a linked subject heading.

Specific Types of Searches—

Looking for UWRF Collections? From the Guided Keyword Search screen, type "university records" into a search box. Click the search button to see a list of every UW-River Falls University Archive record in the Voyager catalog. You can limit your results by adding terms such as "athletics" or administration" into another search box.

Looking for Manuscripts? From the Guided Keyword Search screen, type "manuscript collection" into a search box. Click the search button to see a list of every UW-River Falls ARC manuscript collection in the Voyager catalog. You can limit your results by adding terms such as "pierce county" or "new richmond" into another search box.

Looking for Local Government Records? Type "local government records " into a search box. Click the search button to see a list of all local government records (LGR) in the Voyager catalog. You can limit your search to a particular county by adding "pierce," "polk," etc. or to a particular genre of LGR's by typing terms such as "agriculture" or "property" in another search box.

Looking for diaries? genealogies? oral histories? The same types of searches as described above for UWRF Collections, Manuscripts,and LGR's can be done using a variety of descriptive terms including diaries, genealogies, oral histories, reminiscences, church records, and correspondence.

Looking for different types of records from Pierce County? St. Croix County? River Falls? Osceola? etc. First, check the UW-River Falls ARC and University Archives Collections Pages for complete lists of all archival records for each county. To search by geographic location from the Voyager catalog, type the county or community name in its own search box from the Guided Keyword Search screen after using Limiters (described above) to narrow the search to only archival records.

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