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St. Croix County Collections

Members of the Hudson Fire Department, 1932

Members of the Hudson FD, 1932

St. Croix County Church & Cemetery Records
Church and cemetery records vary significantly by collection but can include such items as burial permits, tombstone inscriptions, sacramental registers, membership lists, anniversary materials, church histories, and financial records.

   Baldwin Cemetery
Rush River:
   North Rush River Cemetery 
Erin Prairie: Somerset:  

   St. Patrick’s Cemetery

   German Lutheran Church Cemetery

Hammond: Springfield:

   (Old) Hammond Cemetery 
   St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery

   Oakwood Cemetery

North Rush River:

   St. Bridget’s Catholic Cemetery  

   Peace Lutheran Church Cemetery

St. Joseph:
Pleasant Valley:

   Pioneer Cemetery

   Pleasant Valley Cemetery

River Falls:

   Mann Family Cemetery

   Greenwood Cemetery
   (see also Pierce County)

    Peace Lutheran Church Cemetery
Additional records can be found at USGenWeb.

St. Croix County Manuscripts & Special Collections
These collections are comprised of original, one of a kind materials created by individuals or organizations with historical significance to St. Croix County. Collection Inventories for manuscripts housed at the UW-River Falls Area Research Center (ARC) are currently being automated by the Wisconsin Historical Society. Inventories will be linked here as they are made available. Click here to see a list of all collection inventories already available for UW-River Falls ARC manuscripts.

Anderson, Margaret. Norwegian song with translation. River Falls SC 186  
Andrews, James A. Letters, 1876-1884. River Falls SC 142
Authors Club. (Hudson, Wis.) Papers, 1897-1916. River Falls Mss BB
Ayers, Ebenezer. Manuscript on Ayer's descendants in Taylor's Falls. 1963. River Falls SC 172
Bankers Association, St. Croix and Pierce Counties. Minutes, 1925-1987. River Falls Mss EA
Bates, George H. Genealogical information, 1880-1881. River Falls SC 303
Bright, Sumner Spurgeon. Genealogy, 1962. River Falls SC 338
Bunker, Ben C. Letter and map describing tornado damage, 1929. River Falls SC 342
Carlson, Dwayne. Class paper, 1976. River Falls SC 279
Deer Park. Early history of, Thompson, John S. ca. 1921. River Falls SC 71
Heffron, Alan. Genealogy, 1983. River Falls SC 316
Hopyard School (Baldwin, Wis.) Scrapbook, 1953-1961. River Falls SC 156
Hurd, Granville. Papers, 1847-1899. River Falls SC 264
Fouks, Gordon A. Compiled letters, 1986; undated. River Falls SC 347
German Settlement Cemetery Association. Records, 1871-1990. River Falls SC 353
Grange and Gleaners Club records, 1901-1940. River Falls SC 129
Hillskotter, Herman. Financial records, 1899-1930. River Falls SC 310
Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Hospital (Hudson, Wis.) Records, 1887-1894. River Falls SC 363
Information and Referral Service for Pierce and St. Croix Counties. Records, 1972-1978. River Falls Mss DO
Ingram, Julius G. Correspondences, 1882, 1884-1889. River Falls SC 67
Johnston, James, 1837-1929. Papers, ca. 1920, 1929. River Falls SC 307
Joe Jolly river trip account, 1880. Fictionalized account of a trip down the St. Croix River. River Falls SC 135
Kinney family. A history of the northern branch, ca. 1983. River Falls SC 61
Kinnickinnic Congregational Church (Wis.). River Falls Mss CN
Kinnickinnic Telephone Company. Minute books, 1904-1966. River Falls SC 48
Lamb, W. A. Essay, undated. River Falls SC 131
McDiarmid, Robert, 1826-. Papers, 1852-1919. River Falls SC 50
Miller, Ann. Genealogies on several St. Croix County families, 1982 and undated. River Falls SC 215, 292
Miller, Willis H., 1918-. Papers, 1860-1981. River Falls Mss BS
New Centerville. Undated history. Hall, Linda. River Falls SC 229
New Centerville. Essay, 1970. Anderson, Harvey O. River Falls SC 391
Phillips, Thomas Michael, 1918-. Papers, 1937-1945, 1998. River Falls Mss EM
Pleasant Valley Homemakers Club. Records, 1941-1983. River Falls Mss CC
Quinlan, Edward James, 1871-. Reminiscence, 1945. River Falls SC 362
Rowe, Leonard G. Studies, 1964 and 1965. River Falls SC 110
Reiter, Clarence Julius, 1892-. Papers, 1929-1951. River Falls SC 27, 213
Rush River Lutheran Parish. Records, 1867-1983. River Falls Mss DD
Siverling family. Reunion booklets, 1965; 1974. River Falls SC 249
Somerset. Presented as a pageant by the Somerset Historical Society, 1956. River Falls SC 19
St. Croix County account books, 1857-1957. River Falls Mss BC
Saint Croix County community histories, 1948. River Falls SC 312
St. Croix County Extension Homemakers (Wis.) Transcribed interviews, 1973-1974. River Falls Mss EK
Saint Croix County rural school histories, 1948. River Falls SC 299
St. Croix-Pierce Bi-County Federation of Women’s Clubs. Records, 1922-1973. River Falls Mss AT
St. Croix Valley Agricultural Association (Hudson, Wis.) Records, 1879-1888, 1893, 1895. River Falls SC 128
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (Hudson, Wis.) Records, 1896-1978. River Falls Mss DB
Thomas, George, B. 1829. Diaries, 1862-1875. River Falls SC 21
Turner, Alexander. Diary, 1849. River Falls SC 134
Webster, Albinus and Frank B. Papers, 1871-1945. River Falls Mss CJ
Wiltrout, Irving D. Papers, 1858, 1880-1901. River Falls SC 361
Valley Victors 4-H club. Records, 1946, 1949-1970. River Falls Mss CD
You Go, I Go Homemakers Club. Records, 1971-1983. River Falls Mss ED

St. Croix County Maps


St. Croix County Newspapers


Baldwin Bulletin: 1874-1879; 1881-1980. [Indexed: through 1901]
Baldwin Independent: 1879-1881. [Indexed: 1879 – 1881]


Glenwood City Tribune: 1890-1980. [Indexed: through 1909]


Central St. Croix County News: 1981-1985; Current year and 1 year previous.

Hammond Independent: 1875-1877. [Indexed: 1875 – 1877]
Hammond News: 1894-Aug. 17, 1969. [Indexed: through January 1900] 


Hudson Broadcaster: Feb. 15-Mar. 1, 1927
Hudson Democrat: 1872-1876
Hudson Journal: 1853-1854

Hudson North Star: 1855-1862
Hudson Reminder: 1946-1957
Hudson Star Observer: 1909-current

Hudson Star Times: 1866-1909. [Indexed: through 1900]
North Star: 1854-1855. [Indexed: through November 28, 1860]
St. Croix County Forum: Mar. 10, 1927-Mar. 29, 1928
St. Croix Observer: 1901-1909

True Republican: 1871-1916

New Richmond
New Richmond Democrat: 1879-1881
New Richmond Greenbacker: 1879-1881
New Richmond Leader: 1940-1951
New Richmond News: 1924-1978
New Rd. News & Repub. Voice: 1908-1924
New Richmond Times: 1944 (incomplete)
New Richmond Town Crier: 1946-1948
New Richmond Voice: 1898-1899
The News: 1978-1988; Current year and 1 year previous.
Republican Voice: 1899-1907. [Indexed: through 1899]
St. Croix County Leader: 1937-1939
St. Croix Republican: 1870-1899. [Indexed: 1870 – 1899]

Somerset Star: 1981-1985

Woodville Leader: 1943-1982
Woodville Times: 1913-1929

St. Croix County Public Records

St. Croix County Census records: Statewide unless specified: 1836; 1838; 1840; 1842; 1846; 1847; 1850; 1855; 1860; 1870; 1875; 1880; 1885; 1890 (Civil War veterans only); 1900; 1905; 1910; 1920 (Burnett, Pierce, Polk, and St. Croix Counties only); 1930 (Burnett, Pierce, Polk, and St. Croix Counties only)

1836; 1840; 1850; 1860; 1870; 1880 Soundex; 1900 Soundex; 1905 (Burnett, Pierce, Polk, St. Croix, and Washburn Counties only); 1910


St. Croix County Local Government Records:

  Abstract of assessment rolls and crop report 1953
  Annual directory of public officials 1905-1941; 1943-1984; 1986-1989; 1993-1994; 1996-1999; 2001
  Annual report of County Hospital and Home trustees 1904; 1909-1910; 1912-1938; 1940-1948; 1950-1959
  Annual report of St. Croix County nurse 1942; 1944-1945
  Audit reports 1927-1928; 1935-1941; 1949-1962; 1964
  Baldwin. Board of Supervisors minutes 1873-1982
  Baldwin. Bylaws, ordinances, and regulations 1875; 1877; 1879; 1887-1888
  Board of Supervisors, printed proceedings 1875-1876;1878-1880; 1883; 1885-1950; 1952-1980; 1998-1999
  Board of Supervisors, proceedings of the annual meeting 1896-1905
  Civil Defense materials 1962-1964
  Clerk’s papers 1954-1958
  County Board of Inquiry transcript 1943
  Departmental annual reports 1966-1976; 1978
  Extension Agent’s annual reports 1942; 1962
  Financial report of highway operations 1976
  Glenwood, City of. Audit reports 1963-1976
  Glenwood, City of. City Council minutes 1931-1947
  Glenwood, City of. Clerk’s records 1893-1949
  Glenwood, City of. Fire department records 1892-1948
  Glenwood, City of. Residential appraisal cards 1934
  Glenwood, Town of. Town Clerk’s records
  Glenwood, Town of. Surveyor’s notes 1885
  Hammond, Village of. Ordinances 1909
  Hudson, City of. Chattel mortgage record 1878-1925
  Hudson, City of. Clerk’s journal
  Hudson, City of. Clerk’s ledger 1857-1917
  Hudson, City of. Clerk’s order books 1857-1901
  Hudson, City of. Clerk’s reports and papers 1857-1933
  Hudson, City of. Common Council standing rules 1856 ca.
  Hudson, City of. Election records
  Hudson, City of. Financial records 1861-1925
  Hudson, City of. Hudson Public Library records 1918-1974
  Hudson, City of. Judgment record 1875-1898
  Hudson, City of. Justice of the Peace dockets 1886-1915
  Hudson, City of. Official oaths and surety bonds
1857-1899; 1920-1928
  Hudson, City of. Poll lists 1924-1926
  Hudson, City of. Records of city owned land 1858-1932
  Hudson, City of. Register of campers 1923-1924
  Hudson, Town of. Clerk’s records 1861-1976
  Hudson, Village of North. Clerk’s records
  Hudson, Village of. Minutes of the Board of Health 1922-1929
  Hudson, Village of. Treasurer’s records 1913-1962
  Hudson, Village of. Village Board minutes 1912-1974
  Index to marriage licenses of ladies 1899-1933
  Kinnickinnic, Town of. Town Clerk’s records
  Marriage license record 1899-1946
  Official County Board proceedings, St. Croix Series 11: 1863-1943
  Pleasant Valley, Town of. Minutes and supporting documents of the Board of Supervisors 1861-1954
  Pleasant Valley, Town of. Real estate field books 1931-1935
  Pleasant Valley, Town of. Town records
  Pleasant Valley, Town of. Poll lists 1887-1977
  Poll lists 1960
  Public health survey 1975
  Record of sale of land for unpaid taxes 1860-1896
  Record of election returns
1840; 1859-1930
  Register of pensions 1875-1897
  Register of Deeds, recorded documents 1854-1886
  Rush River Township. Highway records 1856-1895
  Rush River Township. Clerk’s records 1901-1926
  Statements of taxes and indebtedness
  St. Croix County, Fair Extension Agent premium books 1926-1929; 1935; 1956-1958; 1964-1965; 1968-1969; 1972-1981; 1983-1984
  Snowmobile plan 1977-1982
  St. Croix Health Center annual report 1976; 1978
  St. Joseph, Town of. Justice of the Peace docket 1905
  St. Joseph, Town of. Highway records
  St. Joseph, Town of. Town Clerk’s records 1881-1981
  St. Joseph, Town of. Election records 1909-1938
  St. Joseph, Town of. Real estate field book 1939
  Supervisor of Assessments’ annual statistical reports
1912; 1920; 1922-1987
  Surveyor’s field notes 1851-1865
  Tax certificate redemption record 1897-1903
  Troy, Town of. Treasurer’s record book 1889-1929
  Troy, Town of. Justice of the Peace docket 1877-1886
  Troy, Town of. Clerk’s record book 1858-1874

St. Croix County Naturalizations:
Declarations of intent: 1850-1952. Certificates and petitions: 1857-1948.
Indexes: ca. 1850-1947.


St. Croix County School Records:


St. Croix County Tax and Assessment Rolls:


St. Croix County Vital Statistics:
St. Croix County birth certificates, 1852-1907; death certificates, 1877-1907; marriage certificates, 1855-1907.
Indexes: Pre-1907, statewide.

The pre-1907 WI Vital Statistics Index for births, deaths, and marriages is searchable online through the Wisconsin Historical Society.


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